Backer Build #2 CTD

Downloaded the new release just now. Was playing Fort Freiheit, had the queen down to about 1/3rd health when the game crashed to desktop. It wasn’t really doing anything at the time – it was the middle of my turn, I was moving the mouse around a little.

After the screen cleared, I got a little “phoenix point” graphic that sort of filled in. Is this a new crash uploader? It didn’t say it was doing anything specific, so I don’t know if it uploaded a bunch of stuff or if it tucked it away somewhere and there’s an additional step I need to perform. I don’t see any newly-created files in the game directory.

Running on Win10 64-bit. This was my first try with the new release.

FWIW, I didn’t use the new RV at all, mostly because I didn’t know it was there until the queen popped out next to it.