Phoenix Point Crash

I love the game, but I have some major crash problems. I play on a PC, and I downloaded the Game of the Year edition from Steam. I have changed permissions so that it runs as root, but I still have some issues.

Last night I was doing an Anu haven guarding mission (and I think it is mainly this mission type with the problem,) after an hour or two of gameplay, and as I clicked a soldier it crashed.
By crash I mean went straight into black screen and reboot mode. When it came back it couldn’t read the C: Drive and failed to boot. I had to power down and leave it, although it seems fine today.

This doesn’t sound like events I have seen elsewhere. My setup is a smallish C: drive Solid State drive, and a large D: drive with default installation onto D:

As I say I love the game, but I just don’t dare play it right now in case of irreperable damage.

I have seen this behaviour before (soldier clicked or moved at an Anu Haven causes a crash straight to reboot, ) but it never knocked out the hard drive before.


That sounds more like an error on the hard drive itself. I would recommend checking the hard drive as a first step.

Hi thanks for that suggestion. I have run a diagnostic on the drive and it all seems fine. I have repeatedly had a hard crash when playing this game and nothing else.
I have a fairly powerful PC, which is about a year old.
I also write and run computer programs so the PC gets a good workout regularly.
The game is supposed to be running off the D: drive anyway.

Thank you once again for your suggestion !

I think it may be as well a problem with power supply unit.
From my experience 80% of strange hardware failures happen when power supply unit malfunctions.

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I wonder that it completely crashes you computer, I never had this.
The thing is, when a sector of you D: harddrive is corrupted and one of the game files is at this sector, than your computer will only crash with this game, but not with anything else.

Have you used diagnostic tools of the HD manufacturer? They are often better for analysing and finding errors than the system tools.

Again only guessing, you can also take a look on your power supply unit as @Lorifel mentioned, I can confirm that this is pretty often a source of failures. And PP needs a lot of power …

Just give it a try and check the file integrity of the game files via the Steam launcher. Maybe there is simply a corrupted file, a problem that can happen when installing the game.

The same problem, never experienced it before Year One edition. All other games and apps work just fine, including Cyberpunk 2077. My games are on the SSD, not on HDD.

i have the same problem, i have completed the game prior to festering skies and it was fine, i updated drivers and it was going okay and then started again, i either get a complete freeze nothing works and needs restarting or the computer turns off. it only effects this game. i tried clicking off some graphics settings. the freezing is to do with this game the computer turning off could be something else which was the most recent crash. on loading the game i do get sound issues for about 2 minutes where it cuts in and out and also it has trouble in the first few minutes loading character pictures. freezing only occurs in battle the crash happened just as it was doing the mission complete and died before saving.

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I have no idea if this will help but did you get the patch that was released today?