New Jericho Prologue Mission from Backer Build

WHere can I play this again? I LOVED this mission way back. I want to play it first, then play the main game.

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Fort Freiheit isn’t available anymore unless you have saved copy of Backers Build on your drive.

btw. Fort Freiheit was diametrically different from the main game.

what’re the chances someone could reupload it?

Depends which build you prefer and what devs think about that.

@UnstableVoltage do you have any policy related to decomissioned Backers Builds? Can they be shared?

well I probably played the first build with that mission. I might be able to find it in my email. but it’s buried. additionally i bet those links are down.
Looks like its actually gone from my email. (edit)

Build 2 had few additional maps and tweaks, technician+armadillo, better queen.

Damn it was so different than main game. I wonder what happened in the meantime that game derailed from what we could see in those first builds.

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[quote=“Yokes, post:6, topic:10129, full:true”]
I wonder what happened in the meantime that game derailed from what we could see in those first builds.[/quote]

@Yokes, would you be able to elaborate on what stuff you see as inferior/letdown compared to a Beta1&2?

Things that spring to my mind are:

  1. presentation - this prebuild map creates better atmosphere and more coherent enviroment then what we see in final games generation. I feel that Plots used for map generation aren’t interesting enough… FiraXCOM2 had this issue as well, and WotC added some more unique and vertical plots. Lighting seems to be much more moody in the demo. Perhaps handcrafted vs. generated? I thought FiraXCOM1 one also had a stronger artistic voice then FiraXCOM2, even if the latter technically lookes better.
  2. I feel that skill system is busted. This is the single bigger overhaul I would like to see - I don’t like the perks, I don’t think they interact with core game systems in an interesting way. Multiclassing leads to very powerful combinations, which in turn buffs enemies and throws unenjoyably deadly and resilient enemies
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  1. Map seem to be prepared tactically for the story. We are at the entrance, objective zones are in places which probably should catch our attention. Some maps in final build doesn’t seem to be unique enough as for story missions. We just spawn there and do our jobs like on almost any other map.
  2. There is story. Not too long, but there is voice narrative at the beginning, after reaching objectives and at the end.
  3. As you said, prebuild map like Fort Freiheit just looks better than generated maps, but we should compare it to maps from story missions from final build. Unfortunately those also don’t shine. Often building just stand there like taken from other map and pasted here.
  4. Lighting and particle effects. Except proper shape of the map also effects like mist crawling at the entrance, creepy dusk atmosphere and maybe something else have been building a proper mood there. Where is that now?
  5. Scylla shows later with small reinforcements. That was building the tension. There were questions if I won’t run out of ammo before her arrival, and will I make it to clear all former opponent or will I end fighting two fronts.
  6. also Scylla - she was hard to take down. That was boss which was feared, in some way at least (this probably links to next point)
  7. skills and attributes as you have noticed - there we were lacking some super duper boombastick skills so we had not too many choices, but each of them was still critical. Each tile of movement counted and had some meaning. Each grenade was precious, each burst saved for later could become handy, accuracy had meaning. In final build you can easily alter our wrong decision just by spending some more WP and gaining additional Action Points (all AP boosters/regenerators). Changing your placement and movement to the next block is nothing strange and it is used on many occasions (Dash/Frenzy). Regaining WP is really easy (all sources except Recover). Assuring that we will hit is also trivial, when you will take proper armor (huge armor bonuses) and skills (cosmic power skills).
  8. As a result of above: there each enemy was dangerous and was kind of challenge. Now we deal with Arhrons or Tritons like with some small obstacles. Real challange is their number. Unless we will encounter almost fully evolved aliens with our not trained squad. Then it turns into dillema “are we able to alpha-strike or if not will the enemy do that”.

The gravity of the situation and them sacrificing their lives to bring vital information to Phoenix Point was really cool. I’d like to get Backer builds 1 and 2 for archival purposes and because I think I want to play it again before I play the main game. To me it was an epic prologue.

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An epic deal (?)
The awesome atmosphere of the first few builds and trailers is completely lost. This stuff doesn’t happen by accident. It might have been deemed not casual friendly enough.

Epic doesn’t have instruments to influence development process from what I have heard.

Yea maybe not by contract. I can see such million deal raise expectations considerably, though and indirectly steer development into the mass market. I’m obviously grasping at straws here as the change in direction doesn’t make any sense at all.

Meh I suppose the reason is much simpler … maybe they could not scale up their vision into a full game in a timely manner. They did drop quite a few features in the end as well.

I would guess that change is more practical, and would not jump to conspiracy theories. A lot of those special effects which make Beta map look appealing were handcrafted. Lighting and mist effects would need to be done in the way, so they would work well with procedurally generated terrain. Good lighting and particle effects can make a lot of difference.

Finished game looks… plain. They clearly had an ability to make the game moody, their absence in the final game must have a practical explanation.

Overall, PP has an “alpha” feel to it, with its rough, and basic UI, and lack of visual flare. This simplicity doesn’t look like conscious aesthetic choice, as games with basic graphics can look good.

A change in direction towards casual friendlynes certainly is not some crazy conspiracy theory and can very well be quite practical. For example - Instant gratification (due to OP abilities) are easier to sell than long challenging tactical battles.

People are way to quick with the “conspiracy” thing to shut down any inconvenient thought. You might wanna look up that term again :slight_smile:

But as I said, the reason most likely is completely different since it’s all guesswork anyways.

I do not have any opinions on the game at the moment. I haven’t really given any thought about Epic recently. the backer build isnt PREVENTING me from playing it. but i’d like to be able to. If you’re saying I’m complaining about the current game, or I don’t like difficult, long battles, that’s not true. I’ll survive without that mission. I’d just like to have it.

I’m really worried about IRL stuff right now.

What ? No I did not say that at all !

Sorry I wasn’t really understanding what you meant.

We must take into account the fact that you need a lot of resources and skills to develop deep gameplay and a lot of beta testers to balance and eliminate bugs. And time, the Devs always lacked him.
What are the reasons why Phoenix Point could be located elsewhere in these conditions?