Back mount on personnal perk

Hi, I have a question :
A have a sniper with a personnal perk to be able to use back mount (like missile bakcpack).
The problem is I can use this mount only if I have an heavy armor, so the double class to heavy class is mandatory ? And so the back pack mount is embedded. The only benefit is so the damage ?

Depending on the luck of the draw (or the roll of the dice), most skills from 2nd and 3rd row are useless for the original class of the unit. Why offer extra viral damage per bullet to a Sniper class? Why offer Thief to a Sniper that very rarely needs to sneak? Same for mounted weapons, why offer it to a class that can’t use Heavy Body Armor? It’s a crap shoot and one has to be extremely lucky to get additional skills that apply to the original class.

I basically use these as guidelines on what I may select for the multi-class. Even then they may not even be appropriate for a “good” multi-class choice.

Not at all, if you have the DLC then you can also use this:

Additionally it provides +10 accuracy instead of -10 like the heavy armor and that’s not all, it also gives you double weight capacity and 30 armor. A pretty nice choice for snipers with this perk and you’re free to crossclass to anything you want, for instance berseker to get also armor break or infiltrator for double damage, very strong in my opinion.

Mostly but also without proficiency for mounted weapons the rockets are more inaccurate (not sure, but i think -50%), so they scatter way more as normal.
A sniper with this perk, his armor and the mentioned bionic body augmentation above is capable of hitting mostly direct where he aims, pretty accurate.

I do it mostly exactly the opposite to get more versatile builds. See above, just mix the right things together.

Ok thanks a lot @MadSkunky

Your examples are with the DLC. I don’t have the DLC, so I use the secondary skills available to decide what I may use as my secondary class.

Even before the DLC I almost didn’t do this. For a sniper with mounted weapon perk I was only using the heavy armor and other dual classes, mostly infiltrators for double damage. The DLC give me more choices but the base was almost the same.

My game style is different in that I have no desire to cripple my sniper with heavy body armor that lowers their accuracy and perception. Though I may multi-class my heavy with sniper to get better accuracy.

Yes, styles are different and that is the big advantage of this game: They almost work even if they are completely opposite.

I have only described what I do to help others and that they may get a better overview of this game and its possibilities.

Agree, which is why with my opposite play style I do the same.

Fine, then we are mostly on the same side and do it hopefully right :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily.

One of the beauties of PP is that you’re not limited in any real way. So you can simply equip your Sniper with a Heavy Armour torso, and he can use its back mount since he’s got the skill. Of course, it screws up his aim, but you don’t have to turn him into a Heavy to use Heavy Armour.

One of the tricks of experienced players is to re-armour their troops (Heavies especially) with kit that boosts the abilities they most want to favour. So equipping a Heavy with a Sniper Helmet and Leggings, for instance, negates the Accuracy cost of the Torso Armour and allows him to move faster - at a cost of taking much more damage to the legs, which tend to get targeted more often in this particular build (and make him look like some kind of demented ballet dancer). For that reason, I tend to kit out my Heavies with Tech Helmets and Leggings, which have less of an Accuracy buff, but protects the legs better and makes them look less like idiots.