Random Skills-- how do you equip weapons with those who buy them?

So, I’ve got a question for other players, since I’m sure you’ve been affected by it but I see no one complaining about it-- or perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I don’t know.

Random skills: The ones where you spend 25 points and you gain proficiency for a weapon and a bonus to accuracy or damage or some such.

Whenever I buy this skill for a soldier, I expect to see the weapon that they are now proficient with show up in that players selection pool when I go to equipment. Instead, I just see all their default weapons.

For example, I have a sniper who I can give Close Quarters combat to. They should gain proficiency in Shotguns and hand to hand weapons. When I close the personnel window and reopen, all I see are sniper weapons available to that character. If they are proficient in those weapons, why can’t I see those weapons available to them to equip? Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug that is taking a long time to address? I don’t understand why they are there if I’m never going to multiclass out that character.

Thank you in advance to those with applicable answers.

You can filter weapons by class, you are not filter them by proficiecy. You still can use shotgun, but you have to choose them by yourself. Its not a bug, its more like the system is intended to work with the class filters.

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Ah, gotcha! Funny, I never noticed how that solid diamond meant to show all. Okay, makes SO much more sense now, thank you!

That said, presumably mounted weapons still require heavy armor to use? Are there any exceptions to this (Like can that mounted laser Synedrion version be used without heavy armor too? Or does that still require heavy armor?).

Thanks again!

Sinidrion does not have heavy armor. As far as I remember, almost everything mounted is NJ heavy armor.

Phoenix Point heavy armor can also mount rocket launchers.

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Sorry, I always associate the Destiny III with Synedrion. It seems less useful for heavies at range, if I could mount it on one of my assault soldiers who specialize in close combat, it would be far more useful. If I still need Heavy armor to mount it, never mind.