Penalty wearing other class armor?

I am wondering, if I build an Assault / Priest soldier, is there any sort of penalty if he puts on an armor from Heavy class ?
Or penalty are strictly related to weapons ?
By the way, it would be great if we could see each soldier’s detailed stats (accuracy, stealth, vision) and how each equipment improve it.
Thank you for this great game.

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I don’t believe the game will allow you to put on armor from another class. I don’t think it shows up in the list of equipment if that particular class cannot use it. (the same for weapons and such)

One can use any armor of any class one has researched. The top button on the left will show all classes.

About the only handicap to using other class’s armor is the Heavy torso. Jetpack may not always work for non-heavy classes.

This isn’t true, all you have to do to see the other available armors is turn off the class filtering on the left side of the equipment from stores ui and you’ll be able to see all the armors. I do kinda wish their was a penalty or at least some sort of incentive to use the base class armors. there are some armor set’s that are just objectively better than others. It’s really odd. But I don’t mind the customizing of mixing and matching certain armors.

I do think there should be a small penalty for non-proficient armor, and agree that detailed stats should be available.

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Currently there is no armor proficiency, so there is no penalty, except for Jet Jump ability from heavy armors as @mcarver2000 said.

Detailed stats will be implemented in some next update (hard to say - which one).

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There is no penalty of wearing other class armor, only the stats itself.

For example a sniper with full set of heavy armor is most likely to miss its attacks due to hit penalty.
In other hand, if you send a heavy as tank into frontline with sniper armor, you have good hit change, but an enemy with bidersturmer shotgun just onehits you.

HAHA… I’m such a nerd! I never noticed the class filtering button so I just assumed they couldn’t use something not shown. :wink:

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