Attacking Forces

Hello There,

what does it mean. Attacking Force 8

1Soldier = 1 Point??

In the Mission it is

4 Arthron
2 Triton
1 Slimer
1 Siren

okay 8 Points But what the …

In my Sugesstion i would say=14

4 Arthrons =4
2 Tritons = 2
1 Siren = 3 ( Mindcontrol , Armor etc. )
1 Slimer = 5 ( MAN you can do noything, shots you over the complete map )

After 40hours of playin, i now quit! The first try with normal Dificulty was tooo hard. You make no Damage. They have Armor , you not. They shredding your armor, you not.

And now the same shi… with easy… I played this games since Ufo Enemy Unknown. And i want not to make 8 Snipers with the Second Class Heavy.

The Mechincan is cool , or the Infiltrator. But at the moment. Usesless!

I am looking forward too a patch.

kind regards mocki02