What do attacking force points determine?

Trying to figure out what the “attacking force points” correlates to. I’ve got two specific examples that i recall.

Example one: Haven defense: Attacking Force Points" 2
Units on the field was one triton, one arthron and one siren

Example two: Haven defense where New jericho had 16 attacking force points
Units on the field was one assault and a single armadillo.

So how is one NJ assault and APC 8 times greater than 1 triton, 1 arthron and 1 siren? Do the attacking force points actually translate to anything, or is this just a way for the game itself to auto calculate haven defenses?

Does anyone have some specific examples where the numbers seem to line up? Say two different battles with both closer to even force points and closer units on the field.

That 2 was probably due to fight between defenders and attackers. You need to know what was the initial value of the attacking force. Then it in some way translates to deployment points which that side has. Each unit has some deployment cost. Then it is determined what units will be on the battlefield by dividing deployment points available by sum of deployment cost of each unit generated. Probably this Arthron, Triton and Siren were what was left from attacking force, but conflict counter didn’t correlated attacking side strength with those units.

Thanks for the explanation. Suppose that info is worthless without being there shortly after an attack starts then, as once casualties get taken it has no clear meaning. I’d been using it to gauge if my B or C team might be able to handle defenses or not, but as i have now found how crazy training centers are both of those teams are higher level now than my A team who had done the bulk of the combat.

I could be wround but it only setup a sort of timer, you have the number of ticks with the number of units in weaker side. The margin of error is it seems ticks have some random in their value. Moreover I have reach too many with zero units on a side, I think the game cheat a little with it to wait you if you are coming and close enough.

The "0 forces state does seem to hang around for an extra tick or two.

Hopefully that’s deliberate and represents something like the defending forces have lost, so the Pandas take the remaining time to sac the place

Yeah makes sense, Im’ just saying that I have too many zero units left and too few missed from short. But this little cheating is probably only deserved to Easy difficulty, I remind some very short miss even at Normal. :slight_smile:

Guessing as I have not really dug into it: I am thinking it may also have something to do with how quick the haven (NPC vs NPC) will fall to an attack. A more balanced Atk/Def would hold longer than an overwhelmed ration.

Sounds smart though so I am going to roll with it…