Assets management query

Hi all!

I know that whenever you recruit a new operative, manufacture a new vehicle or aircraft (and maybe also steal one) you have to assign them to a PP active base, so I wondered how to move or rearrange them after their starting assignment.

Is it possible to move operatives, vehicles or aircrafts from the active PP base they currently are located in to a different one, without having to load them on an aircraft and then flying that aircraft to the new assignment?

AFAIK no, this is pretty annoying because you get recruits, aircrafts and vehicles insta-beamed to any base you choose but then there is no way to move them to another base without aircrafts (except aircrafts themself, of course).
I would prefer a transfer system between bases that consumes time to transfer what ever you want. But for this there must be probably more done with the whole global inventory so that access from everywhere to anything (except recruits and vehicles) is not longer possible. For this IMO it is also necessary to have aircraft inventory … etc … this wouldn’t be a little thing to implement, IMHO.