Scrapping vehicles and aircrafts suggestion

Currently we can demolish facilities at bases, through bases panel, you get half of the resources that you spent on them.

We can dismiss soldiers, and Mutogs, getting nothing in return, it is reasonable.

But I would like to scrap vehicles and aircrafts, at least obtaining materials doing it.

What do you think?


Canny , since January


Agreed +1 - it makes no sense that you cannot, especially since the new Scavenging missions now increase your chances of getting a redundant vehicle.

This would solve @Ragewraith’s point on Discord about lack of basic resources cos of the new Scavenges.

Stealing cars and saving people, as well as an Ambush, must be allocated to the pool of random missions. This will add to diversity and curb redundancy.
PS I will publish later a realistic / detailed representation of old Scavenging missions.

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This should have been a feature on release. As it stands today. You can only Scrap Aircraft, with a Nexus Mod. :frowning: