Aspidas lost their weapon


All my aspidas have lost their weapons since the last update.
Please solve this bug asap, my game is unplayable now!
Keep us informed of the outcome, please!




We just released a hotfix that is fixing this.

From patch notes:

Fixed an issue where after an update to the latest version the Aspida had no weapons and no abilities. The issue will still be present in old tactical saves, but it will be resolved after returning to the geoscape.

@Valygar I am afraid the hotfix broke other elements related to vehicles. After the patch was applied, my Scarab lost all custom items (better rocket launcher, armor, mapping module) and now has the default configuration, both in Geoscape and in mission. If I load an old save when I am in the mission, my Scarab will have the custom items.

Any advice? Or hotfix for hotfix?

One extra thing to mention: I tried doing a mission, hoping it will get me back the vehicle equipment. No joy. Both in the mission and after it I have only the default basic rocket launcher. Any chances to get my toys back?