Any hotfix before the holidays?

As per title, for the small niggles that appeared in the latest release. My main one being proficiencies not appearing properly in the customise character fields.

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Things that really need a hotfix:

  • Seeing enemy steals portion of AP, small but badly needed
  • Alien nests black fog of war does not vanish properly
  • Poor worms placement when shooting by Chirons. Those who dont land on ground, could instantly explode and resolve the problem.

This tree bugs are there since 1.00 and deserve a hotfix

You can take screenshots since release, just press “Print Screen” (“PrtSc” or similar, copy’s the actual screen to clipboard) and paste in a graphic program of your choice or even directly here in the forum.

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As does the defend base missions, where vehicles are trapped behind the barricade and why the Aspida cannot shock the Ancients!

Gonna go play some Wasteland 3 till these are corrected.

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Nice spot ons! Havent tried that crazy to stun the Ancients :slight_smile:

Added to votable link, vote it up!