Arthrons reaction fire

Is there a way to not trigger it?

What sense does it make to shot at them, if they immediately shoot back and deal the same damage to you?

They won’t do it if they don’t have good line of sight on you (I.E. shooting them through a gap in a tree or at a good angle behind a wall or something) but that’s obviously quite situational. Most relaible method is to snipe their gun arm off before attacking them from close-mid range.

Careful with the inidicator icon though; pretty sure it’s bugged as I and others have been RF’d by Arthurs without indication, so for now (patch due tomorrow so hopefully this will soon be outdated information) just eyeball it lol.

Is there any site I can see the patchnotes of former Patches und future ones?

And how do you know, there will be a patch out tomorrow?

Yup! Try :wink:

I gotchu tho fam. Patchnotes for Miskatonic will also be posted here I would imagine.

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Good ol’ UV.

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It’s not that situational when you start try exploit it. It requires some good sense/understanding of los, and obviously first time was more random and you hadn’t anticipated it. But with experience/practice it’s a tool that can be used more and more often, even if not that often.

Here some suggestions from another thread:


I feel that this edit of your post addresses itself but… why can’t it be used that often? Because it requires you to be in a particular… situation, perhaps? :wink:

No the point is move, position and choose target to trigger it.

I started have some success to trigger it, I suspect it can be improved in term of identifying the possibilities to setup attacks triggering it.

EDIT: There’s even an improved version of it, but last patch Dash nerf, lowered widely the use cases.

It’s or it was to trigger a RF mainly hurting another enemy between you and your target.

I think we’re talking about different things, you’ve lost me here. What do Dash and the fact the RF mechanic can be exploited have to do with anything? How is your example of using a different enemy to block LOS fundamentally different from mine of using a tree? How are any of these not dependant on everything’s placement on the map (I.E. the current situation)?

TLDR - u wot m8?

Old Dash was allowing extra precision and versability in mobility. You was dashing then had one or two move precise up to the square.

This extreme versatility was allowing move so an enemy is between you and your RF target, you shoot, then you move to a smarter position.

New dash doesn’t allow it.

The difference is the crab will RF anyway and damages an ally, with one shoot you damage two enemies.

We’re the only ones talking about Dash though, and even then my only contribution to that is to ask you why you’re bringing Dash up lol. It’s literally not relevant to the discussion, and even if it was, how does bringing up how it used to work help OP now that it works differently?

Again, maybe I’ve just misunderstood you, but it seems to me that you told me I’m wrong for using the term “situational” and then just used a more roundabout way of explaining that exploiting it like that is indeed situational.

Not only that, but I put it to you that lining up two enemies for this tactic is even more situational than lining one up with some scenery; two moving parts versus one.

Basically, I’m just not sure what your point of contention is, other than one of semantics.

Situational as any way to manage RF and many other aspects of combats.

For Dash I already explained, you disagree it’s relevant, ok.

Point of contention? In list from an older post, I already listed the point you quoted, I can’t disagree, I was agree before it happened.

Semantics, yeah, isn’t everything is semantics.

My point here is that you can’t use it as a means to avoid RF, RF doesn’t care how you got to the tile from which you’re attacking. Dash provides no defense buff or anything like that, it’s just movement. OP is asking how to avoid RF; it’s not like you can Dash away from RF as it will trigger before you get control of your unit back. Obviously I’m still not understanding you here as I believe you know all this.

Not even gonna argue with this lol I want it on a t-shirt if anything.


Old Dash was a better indirect tool to avoid RF through positioning, nothing more.

I’ve had an idea for a mod that I will try to implement:

  • Return fire is not limited to the target (so 3 Arthrons might shoot at you)
  • … but limited to their orientation
    • if you shoot them in the back, they can’t return fire
      • will try to add a parameter to set an angle, default being 180°
    • there is already something like that for infiltrator applying shock when shooting so I’ll see if it is possible for RF

Right, thanks for implying I was stupid so you could make your pointless contribution then.

I’d love to see that.

Done and available on Nexus.
I tried to see if I could make return fire trigger after going back to cover … it is possible, but I need to learn IL code to transpile some methods. So maybe later …


You’re a gift, pantolomin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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By the way, I updated the mod to have turrets handled separately.
Since RF is their lone purpose, it’s only fair that they don’t get nerfed by this mod.
Also, their perception being 20, I changed their ratio to 1 so that they can RF on their whole perception range (they are robots, they react to the full extent of their perception).
And I now ship the properties file with the DLL. It was stupid to make them separate downloads from the start.