Button layout, the apc, return fire, destructable stuffs

having rolled through many games of xcom 1 and 2 and i beleive the previous build of this using 1 as the attack button not the end button its rather jarring that its now the end and not attack.

APC doesn’t move or have any actions but the camera panned to it once or twice

return fire seems amped anything happens and the squad is cut to ribbons by 4-5 crab critters just constantly firing, the 2nd or third tearing apart cover and the 4th n 5th having free reign, the logical answer is to activate them whatever that entails and retreat back across the bridge where they got nothing to work with

destructables seem particularly weak now, 1 stray bullet tearing apart whatever it hits including walls

This is still a pre alpha, I am surprised that the interface didn’t change more. Right now we should expect that nothing is stable and might change with every new build.

You have to get at least one of your people to get in and be the driver. It works like a charm for me.

oh you can get in and out of the apc… it just surprised me the camera panned to it without anyone in obviously figured it was the scout car/shiv analogy which operate themselves

It’s mentioned in the news. You can even transport multiple units according to it. (haven’t tried though)

In order to use the Armadillo you must first get one of your squad inside to drive the unit, via the access hatch on the rear of the vehicle. There’s additional room for carrying extra squad members too.

I’ve been using the armadillo to put soldiers to safety (move soldier, shoot, then board) without issues. If you combine this plus it’s mounted weapon, it made my first rune on this build laughably easy. I never got to try to heal my troopers because they never even got wounded! I used my specialist to melee zap some crabs just for the lulz though.

So far, both the armadillo and the queen “suffer” share the same extreme resilience to small arms fire and this could create balance issues if the AI doesn’t get smart enough to cope with PP vehicles. Humans learn fast to conserve AP ammo for the big fat crab, but will the AI do the same?

They could do with mentioning some of this stuff in-game too, as a reminder.

It’s actually in the game guide that’s in the zip.

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