Armadillo not a vehicle

OK, I’m confused. I thought the Armadillo was a vehicle, but I’ve just found one and it appears in my Squad Screen like a soldier.

Does that mean I have to transport it everywhere? I can’t drive it from ? to ?

I see it takes up 4 slots in the Manticore, so it’s a question of whether it is worth 4 Squaddies, but that’s for me to find out ;0)

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The Armadillo is a vehicle, but yes, you have to carry it along with you in the transport.

You’re actually potentially giving up 5 squadies, as it requires 4 soldier spaces (meaning you can only take 4), but you also need to put one inside it to drive it. That said, the Armadillo is currently very powerful.

I’d agree there. I’m going to put this in a separate post as well, but I’m feeling a tad OP at the moment.

With a Tech in the Armadillo, an Assault armed with Auto Rifle & Grenade Launcher, a Heavy and a Sniper, I can clean a Scavenger site without taking much more than a scratch on the Armadillo.

Fun, but hardly challenging.

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This is the reason why we removed the Armadillo as a starting item in this build.

Remember though, we haven’t done any balancing yet. In the final game, vehicles will be rare and costly to use. You won’t be rolling one to every mission.

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