Anyone else having problems with NPC's getting 'stuck'?

I just started playing the game again, (first time since immediately after the releae), and am having a problem with just about any mission involving NPC’s.

Occasionally they will get ‘stuck’, where if I try to move them the system will freeze up and I have to completely kill the process and restart it. Sometimes if I’m lucky and have a recent save I can go back to before the NPC got stuck and the continue, but other times it just get’s stuck again. A few times I’ve had to restart the mission completely to make it work.

When it happens the cursor icon for the move location turns into a white X, and I’ve learned the hard way to not click anything once that happens. While not a fan of save scumming I have to do it constantly on any mission with an NPC, (like escort the VIP from one side of the map to the other).

My current mission is to get the Alliance with NJ, and I was about one turn away from winning it when the NPC got stuck. I’ve reloaded all my saves trying to make it work but it won’t. I’m annoyed enough with this to just stop playing the game for now and go play something else. This has been a VERY tough mission, and I don’t feel like restarting it again.


Is this the Launch Codes mission to extract Ravi? If so this is a reported bug. See Rescue mission target is bugged out, freezes the game when moved

That’s the mission I’m currently on, but problem happens on all kinds of NPC missions.

I also get the issue where if I try to load a save game from before it seems to corrupt the save game and then I can’t load any of them and I end up restarting the mission.

It will be part of a hotfix planned for today:

Fixed a hang caused by loading a Tactical save and attempting to move civilians.

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