Serious Bug in New Jericho Alliance Mission

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

In the New Jericho mission for Alliance status (the one where you have to escort the Indian nuke operator off the map).

When loading a save, his movement cursor dissappears. You can see the distance he can walk, and it shows the X characteristic for blocked position outside of his move range.

You can still order him to move by right-click and selecting “Move”, however this hangs the game.

Fortunately, the mission works to completion without actually loading saves, and the issue does not appear to have stuck around.

Still worth looking into. Thank you :slight_smile:


Mortified :confused: I must have used some search terms that were too vague, didn’t realize I was making a duplicate thread…

Thank you very much for the clarification :slight_smile: and sorry for clogging up bug reporting with duplicates.

Not an issue… You just raised the issue another notch and hopefully it will now get fixed in a forthcoming hot fix.