Constantly getting stuck on enemy turns

I know this is in listed bugs already, but I didn’t really get this issue in BB4. Right now, almost every battle hangs up on the first turn. This started happening after a few hours of playing. It’s not just the enemy turn, but sometimes on my actions as well. I’ve sent F12 reports, but would like to know if others are running into the same issue and if there is a hotfix expected(as it makes the build completely unplayable).


My wife’s seen this a few times, normally when mist and grenades are involved. Likewise, she’s sending in F12 reports as well.


Nice beta testing, paid by beta testers. Excelent model :slight_smile:

I paid for the game in advance because I wanted to test it in advance. No regrets whatsoever,.

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Having the same issue, some missions go flawlessly while on others the game just decides to get stuck on the enemy turn, at this point I just close the game and go back to a save before the mission when it happens and skip the mission.

I just had my first lockup during a mission. An enemy reinforcement arrived. I had both mist on the field and some of that mist had been cleared with grenades. I have played around 10 missions in BB5 so far and this is the first one that froze for me.

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Ok, seems every time I try this mission a lockup occurs. It is a Haven Defense for Anu and I am fighting tritons with pistols, mist emitters, and regen. This time one of my soldiers had 0WP and panicked at the end of the last turn. This turn I can’t control the soldier and it doesn’t let me end the turn. I have made sure all my other units are at least to Standby and got the UI popup indicating my units had no turn units left but either way the turn doesn’t seem to end.

Saving the game and reloading caused a frozen loading screen trying to use that save.

I just encountered my first hung game. Unfortunately, when I tried to F12 it it canceled the upload, saying the save file was corrupted. Rebooted the game, tried to load the save file, and sure enough it was corrupted.

Whatever issue caused the hang is thus entangled with the ongoing save file problem so I ended up sending nothing.

Happened a second time. This time upload failed because of a web client exception.

OK, now basically every tactical map is hanging on turn 2 or so. Each time I try to report them using F12, I get a “An exception occurred during a WebClient request” error and the save file won’t upload.

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This is now happening to me as well. Game Freezes as the enemy ends their turn; my turn never comes and I have to leave game. Got back into it, started a different fight with same result! Freeze following enemy first turn. Game over again.

I had this issue in BB4, reported it but no one else seemed to have the issue so it got no love.
It’s happening again in BB5 and seems more common now. In my case the freezing seems to happen specifically when defending Havens, but there is no distinction between player or enemy turns, it happens randomly. I can hear the game still responding to Tab switching, but obviously because the screen is frozen, I can’t play at all. F12 also has no discernable effect since the game thinks it’s still running fine.

A pattern I’ve seen is that if it’s happened once, and you task manager kill the game. Unless you reboot your machine, the problem will happen again and sooner. If you reboot your entire machine, you can still clear maybe 1 defense mission before it happens again. Not sure why that would matter but just throwing it in here for consideration.

looks like some buffer or memory overflow

I’m assuming the only one who can fix something like this is the developer?

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I’m getting constant freezes, looks like CPU and Memory spikes.
Using a mac book pro 16gb


I had the same worries, he gives me my turn and block without giving me the interfaces.

does anyone knows a solution? This is bad after a battle of 2 hours. :frowning:

After many hours of play this has started to happen to me too. I’m not sure what has changed but around 8 of the last 10 battles have frozen during the enemy turn (and once during the civilian turn).

Opening the command prompt (by pressing “?”) and typing “win” will give you victory and allow you to carry on the game. Not exactly satisfying but better than a Task Manager reset.

I’ve reported ever single one of those freezes using F12 so the developers should have a goldmine of information to fix it with!

i have the same problem now! didnt do it last week, what to do? cause its unplayable! could it be a corrupted save?