Any way to estimate flight time?

Am I missing something on the geoscape or is (still) there no better way to estimate how long an aircraft will take to reach destination than “eyeballing it” ? For instance, to respond to an urgent haven attack, I have a Manticore that’s maybe twice further than a Tiamat : how can I know which one as the best chance to reach the haven in time ?

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Don’t know - in extreme situations like this, my method is to save scum, unfortunately :frowning:

I also don’t know how to determine the exact flight time. In the situation described, I would probably just fly there with both aircraft’s.
One reason why I prefer Helios, if they don’t make it on time, it doesn’t matter anyway :wink:

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Would be Nice to have an Estimated Time of Arrival.

Is Standard Operating Procedure.
Any pilot or Command Center would be able to give that.

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This is the solution. Better safe than sorry… though you do run the risk of missing out on another op with second aircraft, depending on distances.

That’s why I say, “Buy, beg borrow and steal all the aircraft! Run multiple transports!!”

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This brings up an interesting point though. Having some measure of ETA would be welcome - mobile phones can do that today. Our forces should be able to estimate time to arrival for a deployment.

There’s a highly voted post on canny about this:

It’s currently marked as “under review” so I guess they’re just figuring out the best way to implement it.

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The only way I’ve ever found that works is to time the flight of your eg. Manticore across 1 game hour and then do a thumbnail measurement of how far that takes you across the map. It’s very rough and ready and tedious, but it does allow you to estimate whether you’ll get there in time (though sometimes it’s bum-squeakingly tight).

This is something that we have raised with the devs both on Canny and in the CC, and to be honest atmo they don’t seem very receptive to giving us ETAs or flight times. I don’t really understand why, and we keep chipping away, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for an ETA mechanic any time soon.

Я время вычисляю по радиусу дальности полета и скорости самолета. потом прикидываю сколько таких радиусов от точки до точки.
Но вообще такую функцию разработчикам стоит добавить. Маленькое всплывающее меню с часиками.

There is a mod that will do this. Unfortunately, the devs don’t see this as a worthwhile addition. Even though requested a number of times.

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