Tiamat and Geoscape

Built a Tiamat transport and it won’t move.
Can load it with troops but it simply will not move, the option just does not appear.

If I could destroy it I’d replace it with a Manticore and could at least carry on playing but there does not seem to be an option to trash a vehicle/transport.

Having a few issues on exiting combat to the geoscape, a few freezes of the game (3 so far today) so best advise is probably save the game just before combat ends.

Try selecting it, mouse over a random site, then use ~ to open console and type tpv.

It can sometimes fix aircraft not interacting, but appears to not always work.

I’ll give it a go, cheers

Didn’t work.

Discovered I can move the aircraft by actually right clicking on the objective but there is ZERO interaction on arrival, so no haven info, trade or recruitment.

Works fine for getting 8 troops to a mission though.

already reported