[Nice to Have] The expected travel time for aircrafts

When sending an aircraft somewhere, it is hard to know how much time it will take for it to arrive at destination.
For instance, when I had a base defense to do. I sent an airplane with troops to defend, but it took 13 hours to get there … 1 hour too late.
Had I known that it would take that long, I wouldn’t have bothered wasting my time like this.

It would be nice to see the expected travel time.


This is on our to-do list for UI improvements.


Cool that will be a good addition, not sure it’s similar, but I’d like also an option to see walk distance, the number of steps, it’s in fact to see range with a number, another option would be to see range with a number.

Yes to this. And even a hotkey for when a new notification about a haven being under attack so that we can instantly zone to it. That would also allow us to get an expected travel time right there.

edit: I know you can click the event on right-side, but a hotkey would be better.


Lol I reached a Heaven defense with enemies level 0. :slight_smile: I still got a standard mission.

For OP comment, there’s a second problem, you don’t know the resistance time. I don’t see how dev will manage it.

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+1 on travel time for aircrafts.

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Pantolomin, I really like your Aircraft to final destination ETA idea.

Thanks, still not there though. Guess I may have to mod it … somehow if I find how to do it since it requires some UI and I’m a Unity noob.

You can dig it out from Assorted Adjustments, I suppose. :slight_smile: But we asked for that to be in the game, not in the mod.

Perhaps I am expecting a bit too much, but I think a feature, such as ‘ETA to a destination’ the OP mentioned, should be already implemented in a fully polished game. But as I just found out, along with a slew of bugs still plaguing the current version, it feels like Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is still stuck in a beta-stage.

As I understand it, the game was originally released back in December 2019, albeit in a shoddy state due to numerous and serious game-stopping bugs. The developer spent the next 12 months to patch the initial release, completed two DLCs (Blood & Titanium, Legacy of the Ancients) and a mini DLC (Living Weapons Pack), and released the combined package as Year One Ed which received much better reviews.

Another 12 months later to the present day, a full two years after the initial release, Snap Shot Games has released another two major DLCs (Festering Skies, Corrupted Horizons), and currently working on their 5th DLC (Chaos Engines, slated for release in late March, 2022). But the majority of the reviews of DLCs #4 and #5 seem negative, citing poor implementation and integration with the base game and the rest of the DLCs.

I understand the developers need to churn out DLCs for revenues, but I find myself wishing that they would give more attention to the overall quality of the game. Like many others, I want to relive the nostalgia of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown through Phoenix Point. And at only $11.99 for the Phoenix Point: Year One Edition from Epic Games, it appears to be a real bargain. But I am still on the fence about making that purchase due to a number of QA issues in the game.

While there are still rough edges, the game is worth it for the budget price.

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You may, or you may not, like the Phoenix Point for what it actually is, but the game is nothing like the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If your main driver is to relive the nostalgia, I would advice you to avoid buying the game. If you’re looking for a TBS with a twist, give it a try; just don’t have high hopes and keep in mind: this is not a “spiritual successor of original XCOM series made by Julian Gollop himself”. Seriously.

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More likely this part it truth… At least we hope it is.

And technically, of course, it is true: Julian Gollop is one of the founders of Snapshot Games. But his name and face was just building the nostalgia hype train for crowdfunding purpose. :slight_smile: I wonder if the game actually would ever be funded if it wasn’t the “new strategy game from the creator of the original X-COM series. It features turn based tactics and world based strategy in a fight against a terrifying, alien menace” marketing.