NJ has no Paralizer Guns...?

I have been playing with New Jericho and at war with the others, but NJ has no paralyzing guns that I know of so far? I have done everything except the capture and vivisection’s because all I have is the little hand gun and this will not take down the big targets? I need the sniper rifles but have not been able to find a raid to get them? I am now 49% along the red line and running out of options, can NJ please get a gun on the same level as the others for this? Thanks! Help not flames would be nice here…

Only Synedrion and Phoenix Point have paralyzing weapons.

From lore perspective:

  • Mutations are no deal for NJ, in fact they hate all that is “infected”, so there is no need for paralyzing.
  • Anu don’t need paralyzing and the mutagen process because they are or get “infected” themselves directly by the pandoran virus and mutate the more “normal” way (my guess from the lore).

You have to deal with the PP paralyzer or get the weapons from Synedrion, no other chance.

Actually Anu do have the paralyzing torso mutation. The irony of having to first paralyze Pandas in order to gather mutagen to even be able to get the paralyzing mutation so that you can… [drumroll] paralyze Pandas has been pointed out by others here before lol.


Yes, I forgot the one mutation, you’re right.
But anyways I believe the Anu don’t need the mutagen process because they ARE the “infected” and so mutated naturally. Many stories suggest that almost all of them are infected and mutated from birth.

I have to start again now, I am at 60% and I just tried the little hand gun on the main monster and it has no effect, there are no more Synedrion left to raid so basically I just can’t complete… So close it would have been the first time I ever finished since I got the game. Dam… Anyway learned a lot will start again. There needs to be a gun for NJ because they would want them to at least see what makes them tick and have a better way to kill them, seems this lack of understanding has just wasted 3 days work… At least I am in lock down with nothing else to do…

I avoided the Synedrion because the maps lag so bad it takes way to long to finish even a simple event, it also causes the clicks to do stupid things and I find when I click on something it does something totally different? Which is why I went the NJ rout, I REALLY hope they sort that out, all the other maps work fine, apart from Anu they are a little laggy as well… bu not as bad

You can capture a scyla with the equipment you have, you don’t need the sniper rifle to do it.

Step 1: Use snipers with weak point skill to disable something on the scyla, which removes its armour.
Step 2: Use stun pistols on the exposed area, you’ll need lots of ammo to take it down though so bring extra clips.
Step 3; Success, it’s captured!

You can also support this with assaults with neurazers if you run them up to the exposed body part and tazer it from there.
Even if you don’t take it down in one turn it’s OK as long as it has lost most of its action points.

You don’t need to restart your campaign, just use the tools you have

-get more then 1 pistol in the squad, they weigh only 2…preferably have 4 or more, keep in mind you can equip non-proficient people with the weapon…it will never jam, but your accuracy with it will be horrible.
-against the scylla you need to hit an area with less then 30 armor…if its covered in 30+ armor plates, lob grenades at it to chip it down…other shredding weapons work, but grenades can shred multiple area’s at once, making it much easier to get large surfaces where a hit will have effect.
-because pistols only use 1AP per shot a single rally can basically give you as many extra shots as you have troops equipped with the hera pistol. (all of the above also works with neurazers, however if using the “taser” I would recommend CC-ing the scylla using either viral to cause a panic chain or synedrion stun bombs to get daze in)

Spagetman you need to act as David123 said.

I suppose you must have Neurazer (phoenix project melee paralyzing tool) and from what you have written you also have Hera (synedrion paralyzing handgun). More general steps:

  1. bring multiple Hera and/or Neurazers on the mission
  2. shred armor on harder enemies by using one of those methods:
  • sniper rifle to disable one of that alien body parts and Sniper’s weak point skill,
  • any explosives just to weaken armor on them - Neurazer starts to works below 50 armor and Hera below 30 armor
  1. If you don’t want to hit too many times with Neurazer or Hera you need to lower enemy strength by disabling multiple body parts of that enemy - that will require utilizing all other weapons
  2. With Hera you can run away and fire from distance to slowly paralyze targeted alien to reduce his effectiveness
  3. When his/her paralyze effect will be at at least 50% (for example status will show 26/50) gang up all your soldiers to use Neurazers on said enemy. They will be safe and you will save ammo on Hera.

If you already have restarted campaign and you don’t have Hera you will need to skip step 4 and produce multiple Neurazers to do the job while hitting with multiple soldiers at once

If you have only melee stun weapon, then some of your soldiers will be KIA. Maybe all )) Stun has power 8, Scilla about 120 strength. So, you can calculate your chances to survive (you must stun in one turn).

Challenge accepted. :slight_smile: When you won’t disable any of her parts, yes.

But even if you won’t do that you basically need to apply at least 61 paralyzis to make her helpless. So roundup(61/8,0) = 8 attacks of Neurazer. With 3 assaults with Dash and 3 attacks/turn it can be achieved. :slight_smile: But first must come armor shreding for example from grenades.

You basically need for this cake:

  • some grenades
  • 3 assaults with dash
  • 3 neurazers

So nothing that can’t be done without Synedrion tech. :wink:

EDIT. btw Scylla strength range from 129 to 160. So you need to deal between 65 and 81 paralyzis. So 9 to 11 Neurazer attacks. So add 1 assault with neurazer to the mix to be sure that cake will be good. :wink:

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With 80/126 paralyze Scilla manage to kill my soldier in close combat. It was in my first game before I find paralyze sniper rifle.

Lots of good advice here thanks!

Some other tips:

  1. Use a beserker with armour break if you have access to one - one shotgun blast from him will pretty much erase a scylla’s armour.
  2. If you’re using neurazers and you’re worried you won’t take him down in one turn, then keep an action point free to move him away so the scylla can’t melee your soldiers.
  3. Quick aim with stun pistols plus focus on overwatch is lots of free pistol shots (on top of rally).
  4. War cry takes off 2 action points, I’m not sure if this stacks with paralysis but it would be interesting to find out - based off war cry and partial paralysis, the scylla could lose all of its actions.

Happy hunting