Farming Pandoras gives to much mutagens –> Early Games lvl5 Mutoids

Early Game full upgraded mutoids are overpower

The quantity of mutagens that player get farming pandoras is huge, allowing to create super mutoids in early/mid game unbalancing it. It should be severely reduced to avoid full upgraded mutoids early game. Also, it should be necessary more experience / time training to mutoids achieve level 5 in order to reduce it so early in game.

Canny votation: Farming Pandoras gives to much mutagens –> Early Games lvl5 Mutoids | Voters | Phoenix Point

So I read your other post and how you built an entire squad specifically for capture and mutagen farming, and I mean it sounds like you want the devs to adjust the game so you can’t anymore.

Like I don’t get anywhere near that many mutagens from a base attack. I often get zero. You’d have to build an entire squad dedicated to just capture and it sounds like you have but for the normal players who aren’t looking to min/max everything that is kind of a crazy investment.

I’m pretty sure if they built the game around your playstyle no other playstyle would be viable.

Not sure nerfing mutoids this way would make the game better, it would just make your strategy the only option. And I suspect if they’re ready this fast in your game you have a base with a TON of soldier training upgrades dedicated to doing just this as well.

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Well… i just am giving my feedback of an obvious overpower and unbalanced feature the game now has. Use it or not is a player choice. Is no need big science to capture all (or almost all) pandora invasion force to a Phoenix Base when you deploy 20+ soldiers and the majority of enemies are weak and harmless, even in legendary. Just take a look at this screenshots and see for yourself: Offer of Mutagens in Base Attacks | Voters | Phoenix Point

About my options, in my next playthrough when the last DLC of Chaos Engines come out, one of my house rules will be play without mutoids between others to have a fair and challenging game.

To be honest I don’t build my squads around capturing and I don’t use Aspidas, and yet I have too many mutagens, and that means lot of Mutoids, also I use only one TF, but it is enough to get lot of LV 4-5 Mutoids mid game.
I apply cap to stats but you can get many monsters with 350 HP and 20 WP, that is too advantageous

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Cap to mutoid stats would be nice.