....And I'm Out!

Third time I’ve started BB5 due to corrupted save files. I’ve followed all the advice about what to avoid, saved a ton of saves so I could go back a few steps, but now I’ve hit a wall where I can go no further without that dreaded view of the Pacific Ocean glaring back at me after a battle or after loading a save game.

Still, getting 4 bases and getting as far as 35% on the doom clock was fun but I won’t play this again till I hear there is a major fix for BB5, or until the finished game comes out.

So long and thanks for all the fish(men)!


Completely understandable. It is frustrating.

I’m trying right now such combination:

  • don’t do any diplomacy mission and try to postpone haven defence missions
  • steal all factions tech and do research based on it
  • don’t produce any items which come from research and if you obtain something from factions then salvage it.

After few hours and expanding over Europe game is running quite well, except few “black screens” where I had to use win command. But I didn’t have to load a save or restart game even once.

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Faction research is a major trigger for this, you more or less have to let them research it on their own and collect the instant research as it comes along. It’s incredibly annoying, and takes forever, but it’s the only way I’ve gotten to 50%

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I’ll give it a go as soon as the finished game comes out, but the way BB5 looks(and difference to BB4) I think it’s gonna need a handful of patches before the finished game will be playable. Or perhaps they’ll push back the release date…

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Pretty much in the same boat. I have gotten a taste for what this game will be like, barring any drastic changes. Besides not wanting to get burned out on the game before it even releases, the save game corruption and the various balance changes that really need to happen have made me shelve the game for now. The current release date (cough) is only 2 or so months away, I can wait.

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Can I ask - what’s the point of each line? Looks like we can find easier way to solve all of that. I don’t understand about faction stuff manufacturing - what kind of problems it might cause?
But mostly I want to know why diplomacy is ignored?

Just experiment. But at the beginning game is running fine so probably some tech or item corrupt the saves. I try to check if we can have all research without items based on it in out store. Maybe problem is not in research itself but in the items we create or maybe in some events which trigger later on.

Diplomacy is there because I want to limit what tech we receive at once from factions. And also eliminate events which may also affect saved games in long run.

Stealing tech is just to selectively getting new research.

Last thing I suppose I have explained above.

Oh I thought you already found that bugspots, and you’re looking for them now. Well, I hope you’ll get it before I bump it. Good luck!

I thought the research bug only happened if you were helping with the research? I researched the Mist Repellent tech all by myself, and only then did it happen.

I may have been too hasty then. I wonder what happens if you stop the research at 1hr to go and let the faction finish it off?

If that works it may be the way to go with faction tech, given their tendency not to finish what they’re researching.

4 Bases? How? I’ve explored and explored and never found another base. Started a game last night (my 5th or 6th) and there was a second base literally next door. I can’t help feeling that the base placement might need some work.


Actually, here we need to clarify which kind of critical bugs Yokes wants to catch. I thought he told about ‘Empty globe bug’, because it still has unexplainable reasons. And bug ‘any finished factions research will freeze all your labs and manufacture both’ looks like easy to catch.

@PorkyCat some play throughs are like that. My current one it took me months of game time to find number 2. I found 3 and 4 right next door to each other in Central America (Costa Rica and Cuba).

You’re right, it needs a bit of work.

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Perhaps a nice bit of tech research that leads to you building a scanner that can detect the bases electrical signature from a certain distance, maybe a sort of direction finding item that can give a bearing? Then of course if you take another bearing…x marks the spot

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There are always 6 bases (including one starting) around the world in semi-random places. You were just really unlucky with your scans.

I just hope that there will be at least 14 bases in final release. Some may be just minor like lift+living quarter+research lab+power generator+storage+some external landing (it doesn’t have to be vehicle bay increasing max limit for vehicles). But we desperately need them to be able to be present on the map.

I would prefer to get such information from local havens that there is something.

  • They will give it to you after you do something for them (give them enough resources / you will defend them couple of times / you will prove yourself of some special mission nearby etc.).
  • If the haven was destroyed by Pandorans it could be a mission to retrieve data from local data center (reach 3 objectives: power generator, security station, and data terminal). - and you could do it stealthy with soldiers like infiltrator or even other but with some good stealth perks, or bring heavy guns and cut your way to it. But I would introduce endless count of enemies spawning here so you even if with data was obtained with violence you still would need to evacuate after some time due to lack of ammunition.
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I’ve managed to carry on quite far actually (even found a 5th base!). Look what I’m about to face (live as of 23:29 CET) :scream:

lol heavy head and carapace on light legs. :smiley: Nice combo :slight_smile: She was more dangerous when you didn’t had 7 level super-soldiers. :wink:

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@Yokes yep, I thought that would take more than half a turn…:smirk:

Have yet to find that single lady during my play sessions…

@samshell I’m at 42% on the doom clock and she was my first!

I was convinced there would be an alien citidel revealed because of this. But no, just a another lair…
…perhaps citidels are not programmed in yet? Or maybe another bug?

Damn what day you have now on schedule? I think I almost spent my patience, it’s May’15, and I’m still on a 6%!