....And I'm Out!

6??? Sure?? Absolutely? I’ve got 4 and scanned all globe twice already trying to find 5th… That’s so annoying to cannot see unscanned areas!

But I will try third time.

DAMN 6th was on Dominicana… Yokes was right as usually :slight_smile:

Nowhere even near that :smiley: Most I got was 14%, I think, but then bugs and other things start to pile up and I restart game.

I’m not sure I like that threat counter at all, especially with percentage measure. Never liked to know i.e. how many chapters are in games and how much there is left to the end, avoiding spoilers at all costs. Unfortunately in some games such an info is given to players from the very beginning. When you’re enjoying game you really don’t want to know when it ends. It’s a plague of most of nowadays games, don’t you think? Isn’t counter bother you in PP?

I don’t like it as well, it seems an artificial way to raise tension, and I put it in the same bag as the timed missions in XC2. A much clever way was the Meld system, risk it and you can win big time.

That said, I’ll be waiting to see if Snapshot puts their own spin into the concept.

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@0nton the game date is 12th July. Bizarrely it seems to be getting less buggy as it goes on…and I’ve no idea why!

I was wondering why it was taking me so long to find more bases - that’s because they’re all in Central and South America! It’s always the last place you look…

So: 1 - Georgia (as in former USSR), 2 - India/Bangladesh border, 3 - Honduras/Nicaragua border, 4 - Domincan Republic, 5 - North East Brasil, 6 - Bolivia.

As far as world defence goes it’s not exactly the best spread :confused:

Oh I see Dominicana is popular - whre I was before? :wink:
But I still cannot catch a difference in doomsday clock. Give me a moment I will try to wait for Jul.

I’m jealous of all you people and your doom clocks.

I have not made it to even 1% yet before the game breaks beyond reason. :frowning:

Is this really going to be ready in less than 2 months?

Sonic stun grenades to keep her quiet, many shots from all sides with acid pistols (which I stole off the local Tritons) to break off the armour, and then a single neuralizer being passed round my assaults until she was mine!

Only 8 spaces in the containment too. I was convinced that this beastie would take up the whole damn lot.


Congrats and thanks for good advice! Perfect result for one who’s out by the way :crazy_face:

@0nton I know, I got sucked back in really quickly :smile:.

I’m trying to get mist repellers now, but Synderon won’t finish any research! I’ve helped them get all thier tech down to 1 hour but there’s one final, big research project that they are working on. 10 days to go, even with my help…:slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like we are at the same point, except I’m on 7% :slight_smile:

And new sad detail for me now - I tried to rob researched technologies. It was worked 2 times (with poison crossbow and Poison-res module, but skipped at third time.
So Syns spent about 25 days for myst repeller research, after that it’s available for build but I can’t see any immediate ingame effect from it. Probably it would clean all globe but I have no patience to check :slight_smile: