[BB5] Harsh Feedback

Ok i already did a BB4 Feedback last week and people told me to wait for BB5 to come out. Like i already said in the other feeback I’m a big veteran of strategies games. So i have High Hope for this game. But RIGHT NOW it is really disapointing.

Right now my progress in the game, i don’t think im really far, i’m only at 7% corruption (i don’t know if you can slow it down by destroying every nest that spawn(witch i did) after a heaven defence.)

But i already don’t really want to continue to play and it’s a really bad sign. First I did take Devastation(highest difficulty) thinking it would be way to hard but at least challenging. Personnally i did feel like i was playing at the easiest difficulty(i did learn form discord rumor that difficulty doesn’t change yet). But as you can tell im really disapointed.

ok here are my progress right now:

diplomacy : Jerico 74% (have mission to go) , disciple of Anu 49%(mission to go), Synedrion 49%(mission to go)

Base: 3 up and running(lots of building in it)
Plane: 2nd Manticore on the way 17d17h Left to construct(it does take 20D20h)
Personnels: 8/24 1: lv5-Assault/sniper, 2: Lv6-Assault/Sniper, 1: LV6 Heavy/Sniper, 4: LV7(Max) Assault/Sniper
Ressource: 551 tech,605 mat, 995 Food, +4 Production, +12 research, 187/200 store.

didn’t lose any mission, didn’t lose any soldier( except on a test run to see how much i could not care before losing someone), Only 4 haven(if i remember correctly) that i couldn’t save because i couldn’t reach it in time(traveling)

At first i wanted to finish the game before doing a Feedback, but i ain’t enjoying it at all. I feel like a beta tester that isn’t paid to work.

I’ll be harsh but only because i really want the game to be good, If it feel the same way than right now on launch i’ll want a refound. Also I’ll not only tell what are the problem are, i will also try to give at least a suggestion to fix it, to make the feedback useful and not only a bad critic.



  1. I like the way it is plan to have more than one plane and strategies on where to go at multiple time to solves missions.
  2. I Like haven interaction, trade and recruit. Still think their is some improvement to be made but overall it’s fine.( maybe ships interaction would be real awesome)
  3. I like the concept of how you heal and get exhausted with the stamina bar( still suggest some tech and research to build some kind of infirmary and bed on planes to heal/rest 1 or 2 personnel at a time. See tech feedback below)


  1. Random and Chaotic. Randomness can be a good thing at some extend, but right it feel it’s too random and not enough strategy to work on. No choice really except try/error kind of approach and reacting to attacks. suggestion Having multiple objectives mission(that could be optionnal and not only about diplomacy) with choices(can’t do it all) and different reward. Having pressure form the aliens would be awesome.
  2. Scan Area,Haven and point of interest. It’s a bit the same as the last on with the randomness, I know it does make the feeling of a post apocalyptic world. But Scan right now doesnt feel right, I don’t know put scanning form random point without any installation( i know it a satellite) feel messy and not intuitive. suggestion Having a permanent scan around the plane that take time to find point of interest( that could be updraded threw tech and research) + having the possibility to gather intel from haven you visit (more like the intel the haven have gatered form around that they did visit and for a cost or a trade(discount with a stronger relationship) Or winning the intel when you help them or mission.)
  3. Traveling, having to move form one point to another to refuel, if i did undestand correctly. Maybe it’s easy to program but it doesn’t give a good immersion to the game. First plane should easily be able to travel across the oceans before having the need to refuel(like they can realistic do in real life). When there’s an attack on an haven and you could reach it in time if you when straight to it, but you cant because their is no point of interest that give you the chance to go straight doesn’t feel right at all. suggestion 1.New ressource to manage: Fuel. Give plane a distance capacibility (circle that reduce when you travel)with point of interest that you can refuel+ pheonix base fuel depot. +Put an alarm warning(game pause) when you reach point of no-return form a pheonix base or a fuel depot form an haven to force you to choose a point to land and refuel. Making move more freely would feel great and if you add the scan suggesting i did before it keep the feeling of a post apocalyptic world but with more control of what the player want to do even if there is alot of random factor.
  4. Ressources, manufacturing and storages. Manufacturing instant ammunition form the phoenix base that teleport to you on the plane make it not challenging at all to manage and the realistic immersion isn’t there at all.** suggestion** Adding storages on planes with the ressources and munitions, forcing you to plan well ahead and go back to base to resupply and empty your planes storage form loot and mission reward. Also splitting the ressource between all pheonix bases making ressource management important between bases. also possibility to make tech and research to build a mini factory on planes(taking storage place as a drawback) a bit like the bed/infirmary suggestion earlier.
  5. Mist and pandora nest, there is something feel wrong the way they pop after an haven attack but you can’t scan them. The mist that expand without anything to be able to fight or investigate. I personnaly feel it is a treat but i want to do something about it, but i’m forced to ignore it because their is no point of interest to do anything about it. suggestion Making it more dynamic even if the player can’t do anything yet about the mist and it’s a bad idea to do it.(difficulty or else) Or having never ending nest poping left and right. I really don’t know how the mist work at all since i didn’t finish the game but i know it doesnt feel right. We should see something inside the mist as a treat or something.


Pro: Good Building idea: Medical bay, research lab, Vehicule Bay, food production, energy generator, fabrication plant, living quarters, asses lift, security station.
Con: No real customization choice, First they should be a kind of factory prodution building, Because building food in other to trade it for materials feel a bit complicated and boring for nothing. suggestion tech or improvement option, like investing in research or in production, a better medical bay(faster healing) better security, anything that make like you do have some kind of choice and strategy to optimize your base and that can be done in various style and make each player adopt their own and unique style. Also making digging possible for rock area maybe?


Pro: I like the item customization and the management of ammunition.

Con: Training tree, stats and skills point. Some idea are good(Weak spot and and Mark for death,inspire, rage burst) But right now, willpower, DASH and Quick aim are the way to go, Ready for action is OP ( having 2 soldier play around with 1 gun betweem them to clear a place) But its too easy right now(see mission below)and not enough customization or choice of style in my opinion. suggestion Add dexterity stats( aiming ability) Make most ability 1 time use per round( return fire too!) or at least put a number or time they can be use. It is really easy to do 5 free attacks with a pistol and 10 will just saying. too much abuse and that make unrealistic batle for a round ( going across the map on the first round and shooting 18 time because you gain will when you kill to kill again) Also put more passive skills would be nice ( i though rapid clearance was a passive one) Also more optimization choice and an higher lv to reach than 7 would be nice. ( i think lv 10 would be perfect). But This have to go back to the working station, IT is one that affect ALOT the gameplay and right now I think it’s the
#1 priority to find the right trainning tree. But right now it’s not good at all.


Pro: i like the idea of diplomacy and research tree of other factions.

Con: Not enough research, Weapon, planes, training, medical bay, security,resssource production/management, scan, Their is alots of options you could works and devellops. Right now it’s straight forward and it does feel alot useless for an impact on the game(except for the main quest related research), and The containement facility isnt worth all the trouble, That goes for the Chiron and the 9! laboratory containement space!( that wouldnt be on the same pheonix base) for a 10% dmg bonus??!
suggestion Make more impactfull research that could also add a number or customization and add a matter of choice to prioritize around the player playstyle.( i did write some idea in the others feedback)


Pro: In general it is great. still some improvement could be made
suggestion Make 1 production Queue per base, If you wanna keep the long construction time like for planes, we should be able when we have more than 1 base work on guns and vehicles at same time.


Pro: Overall nothing to say, interesting the way it is. could add a couple more way to influence relation between faction or give stuff to help improve relation, but it would only be to add more option. Right now could be real fine the way it is.


Pro: the way of aiming is real interesting, will is a good concept but alot of improvement.

Con: Way to easy and unrealistic, Alots of it is due to the training tree so i won’t repeat myself too much. Also if an ennemy goes invisible, you should remove the yellow icon that show where it is( we can still shot straight at it and kill it except if that what you wanted player to do)suggestion If you wanna make stealth and perception a stats that a player can feel, You should put a circle( in some light dot) to show how each character can see(some have higher perception) and also a mechanism that could also be a circle for stealth if people wanna try to be stealthy they need a tool to work around it( they need to know when a character is not detected and how they could move to stay that way). Also, a defence option should be possible, (going, crouch, prone with an action cost) maybe a tactic shield(the alien have one why couldn’t we) smoke grenade? Because when the training tree will be balanced( I REALLY hope so) We need to feel some kind of treat form the AI and we need to have more options than just try to kill before they kill us. Also losing a head when you are Human should result in death( just saying)

Here some bug report:

Some missions stuck (all ennemie dead, dont want to finish) should put a mechanism if their is one still alive to know where he might be. But i did the map like 5 time and no one was there and it did happen like 4 time.
Friendly fire on overwatch( real stupid when they are beside and not really in harm shoot way, making overwatch dangerous and useless)
Somes Aims bugs( 100% hits and no hits+ some weird tree branch that can block bullet more than a wall)
Cant aim/shoot worms hiden under dead body
Some dash bug( stop if encounter ennemy, without possibility to coutinue moving without cost) and some vision bug with fog of war
Seeing/aiming ennemy threw windows, Sometimes ennemy or hidden when behind a windows glass( even if ur just beside it) + you cant auto aim if their is a windows. But you can manually aim and shoot to break windows and shoot the ennemy.

Ok i had alot of things I also wanted to write but i think the mains idea is there, and its late and i think i did past 2 or 3 hour writing this posts.

If anything i’ll add later.


100% of support.
If I want to build new airship for a new base, I can’t build a rifle for over a week!

That was great in BB1 (?) but now I don’t see it. You can manage it if you have a single ship, but when you have four it’s a crazy micro-management. the next step would be adding different fuel prices dependent on your faction standing :wink:

got the same feeling. after adding everything that is necessary (research/manufacturing/storage/access lift) I have 2-3 slots for so-called customisation.

Well, welcome to crowdfunded game’s backer betas. That is precisely the point - you pay to give feedback regarding the game and test it. From my limited experience it is never much “fun”.

It seems right now like they are tying to hit middle spot between older XCOMs and new XCOMs, which makes me feel a bit wary. From what I have seen I agree on lack of traveling/restocking limitations. From earlier builds I thought it will work more like escapades: you have limited fuel and resources and head out of your base for a limited run. As you go you expand refuelling stations and build new bases and new aircrafts covering more land, assisting more heavens etc. Considering they cut fuel mechanic, they must have a bit different idea in mind. I am just not sure, as of right now, what it is.

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Great feedback. :slight_smile: Covers most areas about which I wanted to write, but I still don’t have time to play BB5 more to have full perspective.

Maybe except this one:

It sounds interesting but would be a nightmare to manage if transportation would still be limited and resources would be scarce as they are now.


The way alien bases pop can be because we were able to find it following tracks of aliens. Those bases are underground so sattelite scan would do nothing.

I suppose there will be a way to stop them in full release. There are mist generators underwater, so maybe we will have some weapon to attack it later on. Some kind of powerful torpedo dropped from Manticore or something.

There should be proper visualisation as they showed it in E3 conference, but strangely it didn’t make into BB5.

It is not loosing head. It is taking critical damage that this part becomes more or less disabled. :slight_smile:

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Quite surprised loosing the head doesn’t even grant a Blind effect, with -X% accuracy

@snakepeaceguard @Yokes The Synedrion mist repelling tech is in the game, and you can get it and add mist repellers to your bases


Hmmm, it doesn’t? I am pretty sure, that in previous builds one would shoot the head to blind enemies. Perhaps, it was too powerful? Or perhaps as Yokes claimed, there is some perception mechanic which didn’t make it into BB5?

taking out the head removes the +X perception the head gives, lowering their sight radius. As for whether that effects accuracy I do not know.

Does anyone know when they are going to release a patch with changes? so i can test it again?

there have been 2 patches to BB5 for stability issues, but content and balance patches won’t be a thing. Any changes we will see won’t be until launch