[Bug BB5] Firebird SR rifle disappears after removing

Dear All,

I just found (and replicated it 3 times) a bug where the weapon (Firebird SR in this case) just disappears from the storage after it was removed from a soldier and I tried to craft a new Magazine:

Relevant info:

Gun: Firebird SR
Soldier: Dhakiya Manson


  1. In the Personnel menu.
  2. Remove weapon from inventory to the storage —This removes the ammunition from the gun.
  3. Drag the removed ammunition to “Drag to manufacture” message.
  4. Craft 1 or more ammunition from the displayed menu.
  5. Once the you finish and return to the previous window, the weapon is no longer in the storage.

I have 5 screenshots, but “new users only can upload one image” and I don’t care enough to take more time on this.

It is not only the Firebird SR, I’ve reported it long time ago:

Not only you. I keep missing items after crafting or other options.

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Bug is still here. Yesterday a have lost heavy weapon and acolyte armor.

EDIT: Does anybody know when this happens? How to prevent it?