Ammo Manufacture Wrong Count

Notice since Derleth, many ammo types show +1 when selecting them for manufacture (drag to manufacture and the count shows storage + 1):

  • Pythagoras
  • Deimos
  • Firebird
  • Mercy
  • Hell II
  • Goliath
  • Cyclops
  • Deceptor
  • Iron Fury
  • (and more - some I can’t test as I don’t have research yet)

Will report via F12 as well.

Could that be due to the hidden partial ammo? As I understand it only full clips now show, but partial ammo is hidden and used to refill after missions, so maybe it shows as +1 on manufacture?
Since it’s hidden I have no idea if it’s working as designed or if I’m understanding it. You can also manually refill partial ammo after missions now as well, which can be cheaper than buying whole clips due to tech costs.

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That will be exactly it!

This is happening to ammo that I have never used, so it apparently has nothing to do with partial magazines.

EDIT: This +1 count shows if one tries to manufacture from the Personnel tab or straight from the Manufacturing tab. This count is very misleading, especially on the Manufacturing tab. As one can not view the actual number of magazines like they can in the Personnel tab. Sometimes the count reflects what one has in storage and in most other times it is off by +1.

On a side note: It would be nice if someone from Snapshot would let us know if reported bugs are bugs (and they know about it) or that it’s not a bug.

yes it is annoying I don’t see why they did the partial ammo thing but it makes no difference to me, if it was a more than one clip then yeah .

you are forgetting the random drops from hostiles they wont have full clips as they have been shooting at you. well that’s my guess.

just do what I do an ignore it and hope snapshot removes the idea of partial ammo.

Partial ammo is not necessarily a bad thing. It just needs to be “hidden” and one shouldn’t be able to use/see partial magazines. However, they can be used in a black box to prevent one from having to manufacture a whole magazine when partial ones can be made in the backroom (out of sight).

What I have noticed in the last play through is I needed to make sure I had at least 5 shots in the mag for my range burst and the clip had 3, so I reloaded and checked again, I lost the 3 ammo!!! That was critical as I was in the end game mission and I make every round count. So They need to make sure you can still access the old clip! If I was at war I would just swap the clip and use the other one when it was not so critical. So losing the ammo is really not an answer and needs to be fixed, it needs to just swap out replace the 3 with a 10 or 15 mage and then show 3 in the back pack, should not be that hard but to just throw them out is beyond stupid!