Ammo Clips in Inventory Not All Full...Bug?

I don’t think it’s a bug, but I only now, after all this time, noticed that ammo clips in inventory can have anywhere from full to only one round left.

I noticed this when in a lair, I was suddenly out of ammo, reloaded, and only had one round.

Is there any way to refill the clips? It seems kind of tedious to have to inspect each clip after combat to make sure you have ones that are filled.

Or am I just missing some way of ensuring them to be filled?

It’s more a design bug, or weak UI design (like a yellow icon on non full clips).

First click to build one more than needed then put the non full clip in global stash, clips merge here.

There’s also empty clips in soldier inventory, this one is a bug, not sure it’s still here but probably because I saw a side effect, past mission a clip in soldier inventory shows 2 despite they don’t stack here. Before it was when there was an empty clip it was happening after a mission.

I really dislike having to refill ammo clips all the time. I suggest that these just get filled unless there aren’t enough supplies to do so. It’s annoying.

I also dislike having to heal guys on the first move of a mission because they didn’t heal on the aircraft. That just seems like poor design to me.