Unable to reload weapons and I have ammo

Seems to always happen with my infiltrators and Crossbows. I have 2+ crossbows in backpack yet it will not let them reload. Even if I drag crossbow to active slot it will not reload

Now it just happened at worst possible time to my assault/sniper combo as he was one shot away from paralyzing a Syclla. I have ammo that matches weapon and it says I can’t reload.

Should I upload a saved game so you can see for yourself?

Hover with your mouse above magazine, how much ammo it has displayed?

I’ve had this problem since the day the game was released. It is guaranteed, 100%, a bug. But I think there is some logic to it that explains why it happens. Something more than, “I have ammo left and it won’t let me reload”

I think this is why: You can have ammo items that are less than a full clip. I am fairly confident that this happens when you equip ammo that is partial/incomplete. And it is something about how much of that ammo is left - it triggers a bug where it seems you have ammo left, and the game thinks you don’t. That or the hidden X ammo out of X remaining value is too low for it to complete the reload - resulting in a greyed out option to reload, even though you can see the ammo item in the character inventory.

If you reload the ammo back in the items tab, it will likely be nearly out and disappear. If you switch it with an ammo you just purchased, it should stop happening until the next time the ammo is partial.

Just a theory.

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Just happened to me halfway through the final mission. Plenty of ammo but it wouldn’t reload