Berserkers Not Very Berserk

Given the name of the soldier class, inducing frenzy in themselves really ought to be the first level-up perk for berserkers. It should also reduce melee AP cost to 1. If they’re going to be so lightly armored, they need to be fast, crazed, and excessively violent.


In a squad of level 7 soldiers my berserk is just kinda hanging with the guys. Occasionally he gets shot up, and every few missions he gets to bash something. My heavy with melee specialisation does more damage by bashing with his heavy gun…


I’ve given my berserker max speed so I’m able to zip quite a ways on a turn. He does better on human opponents than aliens however.

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And RF renders him completely worthless. Giving him 1 AP attacks would not help with that.

It seems they thought a berserker would be cool, but never considered how to actually make one work. The classes are kind of soulless, relying on boring and broken abilities.

Crabs pincer attack costs 1 AP. Anyone else is mad ? :smiley:


A shield would be nice, too. Berserkers did like to chew on them.

And a melee overwatch.

“dare to move, crab !”

Seems that would work both ways.

My wishlist for the berserker would be:

  • 1AP Melee swings
  • Immunity to Return Fire
  • Melee overwatch, which triggers before enemies take a shot or move.
  • Skill for automatic melee swings on enemies that enter melee range. Giving you a good trade off for leaving your guy out in the open. Give this to pincer arthrons too.
  • Option to have them rage, granting immunity to mind control (Remove the current passive mind control immunity). Have rage take a WP upkeep cost and reduce damage taken while increasing damage dealt relative to their health percentage, completely remove all resistances when rage ends. Maybe leave them in a winded state for a turn :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I would think berserkers should come with huge speed buffs or skills that buff speed big time but nope…

If their melee attack included some movement then 2AP would be fine. It’s pretty silly when I have to move 1 tile over to hit something but that means I only get one swing.

Melee overwatch should be automatic. If anything enters or exits melee range of your berserker, they get smacked.

I think the passive immunity to mind control and panic is fine. Having any more things take even more WP would make either it or their other abilities useless. And making them even less survivable would be a bad move.

On the other hand. If rage mode made all of their other WP abilities free/cheap and made them immune to all other forms of WP drop such as body part damage or team mate death. Actually, team mates dying should even bolster rage and WP for berserkers. Maybe even taking damage should up their WP and rage levels. Would toss these guys into the front line every time.

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Now that was a good list - hopefully a Dev sees that!

I definitely agree, that current Berserkers are quite useless.
2 AP attack, which causes about 80 - 100 damage is less than a scratch on a regular crabman, not mention someone stronger.
The Heavy is much more effective with bashing with his cannon for 1 AP, and melee specialist is not even close to this effectiveness.
I remember, there was some berserker weapon in BB5, which could be used for 1 AP and it was sort of usable. But it definitely needs more, than that.
If I remember FiraXcom 2 LW2, shinobi class, I would expect something similar form melee specialist also in PP.

  • Significant damage with melee weapons => definitely more than any other soldier with bash ability
  • Automatic slash attack if enemy moves in melee range,
  • Automatic defense/counter attack as an automatic response to melee attacks
  • attacks should be for 1 AP; or something like combining run + slash as same as in FiraXcom 2 LW2 was very good and effective
  • also the other approaches/abilities described above in this topic sounds good

Everybody talks abour BB5. What is it, plz ? Blood Bowl 5 ? :smiley:

Backer Build 5, the last beta released to us backers before the game went live.

Backer Build 5. Still Phoenix Point but 4 months ago.

Aaaah, thx :slight_smile: I’ll go to bed smarter tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

all of us agree for 1AP attack and attack of opportunity for the berserker and yes speaking of berserker where’s the crazyness, some kind of state/buff/stance that could give the class malus/bonus to enhanced brutality.

And a wrestle move ! And a piledriver ! And put 5 bucks on the crab ! WOO-HOO !

Anyway, some special moves could be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

The new retrun fire have make thinks slightly better. The hammer can daze enemy. When daze they cannot return fire and have one 1AP next turn. So crab without pincer can be vulnerable. But They lack mobility and their damage boost is dangerous to use.

The problem is that would make them too much of a threat as opponent.