All refuges no longer refresh personnel recruitment

I already have a team of 44 people, but I suddenly realized that all the refuges no longer continue to refresh new recruits. Is this a bug or a game setting?

And how do you know if refugees refreshed recruits in training centers?

I’m not very sure, but these refuges that have refreshed personnel have not been refreshed with new recruits for at least three weeks (game time).
I now think that it may be because I only recruit specific units, and there is a maximum number of people that can be recruited on the map, so when all special units are recruited, I stop recruiting, and the shelter no longer generates new units.
But I haven’t tested it yet. I just noticed that there are almost only ordinary units left on the map that can be recruited. I don’t want to recruit them. They stay there. At the same time, the refuge that could recruit special units is no longer refreshed. That’s why I guess these units may be occupying the refresh position.

The recruit change. I failed quote any regular mechanism, some seemed glued to a recruit, some was changing very fast.

I’m almost sure to have case with Normal recruit (i was targeting) disappeared and was replaced rather fast by an elite recruit. On another way I saw a recruit that wasn’t changed a long long time.