Recruiting: Where are the Phoenix Point recruits?

It appears that we only get additional troops from the factions. Where do you get more Phoenix Point operatives? I know you can think of any recruits as Phoenix Point operatives - but it seems odd that so far I haven’t seem any other non-faction oriented recruits in the game.


I would love to have a PP recruitment center or something.
Im wondering if you can get normal, non faction, non phoenix point recruits somewhere also? Like, recruit bandits or something. You can research their gear so they have to have a base somewhere, right?


well since you can choose between try to help everyone and benefit from their progress as well, stick with only one of the three main factions, ignore them and pursue your own agenda not involving in their dispute or fuck them up and acquire from them what you can need, i think PP recruitment it should be mandatory.

I would like to see more neutral havens, allowing Phoenix Project to recruit from them, with faction recruits becoming something that enhances your team, not quickly outnumber the “natives”.


+1 to PP recruits or independent haven recruits

There are technically ‘neutral recruits’ you can receive from various event encounters and the like.

However definitely could do with there being more neutral havens and less faction ones, especially if Snapshot expect us to be defending havens from the Pandorans as a mandatory step to uncovering their nests. Currently if a player decides to fully back one faction and forego the rest, they can essentially cut out that entire chunk of the game for 30-40+ hours before first stumbling across it.

Neutral havens used to be a lot more common in previous backer builds and faction havens much rarer but sometimes you could get unlucky and not have havens of a specific faction anywhere near ‘Phoenix Point’ (Your first base). But it seems Snapshot went a bit over zealous with the release build in terms of adjusting the ratio balance between neutral and faction havens.

(There was a entire thread discussing that very recently in fact)

The subject of ‘Phoenix Project recruits’ however is a bit more urky and is territory for lore delving and interpretation… as technically the modern day incarnation of ‘The Phoenix’ known as the Phoenix Project doesn’t exist anymore, it has long been dead for some decades as a functional organisation but there are hints in the lore of some kind of protocol in place that would initiate a signal targeted at ex-Phoenix Project members to call them to old base locations.

Perhaps some Phoenix Project archive research mid-game into that protocol could introduce a mechanic where you could transmit a signal with a small chance of it triggering a random event that might advance current research project, offer up a new deployable unit or even unlock neutral tech research options to represent a ex-member of the Phoenix Project receiving your signal and heading to one of your bases… the more bases you have, the higher the chance becomes of each signal broadcast attempt succeeding.

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My understanding is you ARE those ex-members - an emergency cell reactivated by Symes at a point where PP is needed once again.

So there will be no dedicated Phoenix Point recruits because YOU are all that’s left of the Pheonix Project and it’s your job to build it back up again.


i agree with your thoughts even if i don’t like them, but is the end of the world and help is needed indeed so why not recruit people from havens if they want to fight.

If the initial starting characters in the tutorial are or not isn’t entirely clear, they could always have just stumbled across the signal. However there is one lore short story in the phoenix project archives about another group of ex-Phoenix Project scientists who receive the signal and end up at a entirely different base.

That they’re a different group is almost certain as it’s pointed out the coordinates for the base they’re given is to a secondary base and not ‘Phoenix Point’ the primary base of the now defunct Phoenix Project.

And each new game your first base is always ‘Phoenix Point’. Which seems to have been done very intentionally.

Independent havens look like they should have recruits. Maybe it is not implemented yet (along with events, missions and research)?

I doubt that there will be much more Phoenix Project operatives than those called to Phoenix Point. Of course there should be some more like @Tikigod suggested. Just from the short stories there should be those who went to old PP base on Sahara. There should also be base personnel. Backers Builds suggested that. But again it looks like not implemented yet…

I would like to get some recruits in your own bases. Could be with basic stuff so you have to make better gear for them. I don´t like to fly around the world to get recruits is the only way to get them.

I always have concerns that fraction recruits could betray me and leave the team if I do something against their fraction.

I saw a few recruits in bb5 that came across as unaffiliated. They did have a faction listed, iirc, but had very unique models, unique armor, etc. That + the non faction weapons makes me think there was supposed to be a much larger independant presence that possibly got cut for time constraints.

But you know they abandon their faction to join you. So their affiliation is more toward you than their previous faction. They believe more in your reasoning and goals. I would understand that they have something against touching civilians but killing soldiers who serve wrong ideologies should not be so big problem.

They’re not abandoning their faction, we’re paying to recruit them.

and next thing we do is raiding the food of the haven we got them from. You can say we pay them for abandoning their faction.

BTW. On heavier difficulties you get naked noobs without guns, destroying all. Wonder why we need havens for random people, could as well pick Bob-the-builder after he finished his work constructing at the Phoenix base

So you say they are pushed out by faction just for some resources without their individual agreement?

You know, a repeatable recruitment Research or Manufacturing project that takes maybe 28 Days base time to complete and gave you a “naked” recruit of a researched type of your choosing at the end might not be bad. Unless there are plan to add independent haven recruiting to the game it would simulate both recruiting from them, from untrained haven pops or other refugee populations, and training up by PP itself. Having at least one powered Training Center in a base would be a requirement to unlock the research.

But we’ve already got exactly that in the game as it stands. On Heroic, it works like this:

  1. Purchase an unarmed Recruit of a particular class.
  2. Stick him/her into your Training Centre and leave to cook for 28 days.
  3. Open Training Centre door and bring out a fully levelled up multi-classed Uber-Warrior, complete with all the Skills you’ve chosen.

If the game will do that for you anyway, why on earth would you waste time & resources researching a naked noob at Lvl 1.

Because sometimes the class you need isn’t available and you’re forced to multiclass to get what you want rather than being able to recruit a base class of that type.

In my current game I need a Heavy, but NJ has no heavies available. So I’m stuck either recruiting a class I don’t need or want and cross classing, regardless of if it makes sense for that base class, or doing without. Plus as you point out your post only makes sense on Hero or higher difficulty.