All enemies dead, 8/9 resource packs found. Arrrgh

So I killed all the bad guys on my resource gathering mission. And I’ve retreived 8 of 9 resource packs. And I’ve spent 20 minutes looking for that last pack… This is not fun.

yeah great patch. In the scavenging missions you now spend 20 minutes walking around with no enemies trying to find a non-existent box. Really good testing there guys.

It’s after hotfix?

I typed that with the mission window open, and I have auto-updates on. So it’s completely up to date.

Wait a minute… it looks like a hotfix got released while I was posting that post. Update coming down now, so I wasn’t on the latest latest version.

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The hotfix was released 12 hours ago at 11pm Melbourne time


Yeah, so it was released while I was playing. Thanks for localizing the time for me! Very considerate :slight_smile:

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