Destroy all enemies, killed all, mission not over

Says my allied unit, is an enemy.

There was a smoke monster completely covered in smoke, maybe i should have tried to shoot at it, but i’ll just start a new game.

it was a scavenging mission, does that mean its not a mission to kill enemies? just loot the crates?

You need to kill all enemies to win scavenge map - also those producing smoke (and smoke can hide them).

Most common problem is enemy hiding behind some object on the other side of the map. Sometimes somewhere in the building. In such case you need to try to run through all rooms and around all building to find them.

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if theyre hiding, how do you kill them?

and the smoke was above their head

maybe a bug, maybe not, i’m guessing one was hiding then.

Throw a grenade to clear smoke/mist, then aim and kill :wink: You can also aim at their original standing place, they don’t disappear, they just hide from your sight; :wink:

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That’s really good advice, sometimes there’s an enemy spotted and they disappear. But i’m still able to complete mission.

also sometime the enemies can get stuck in the terrain or loose sight of your soldiers and will just stay where they are meaning you have to hunt across the map for them

I had this but it was a delay in the last alien coming in on the red dot, a queen.


I’ve never seen a queen yet.

Had queens on base infiltration and alien base missions, never on a scavenger site one though

ive only done scavenger sites, anything inside the circle was too hard for me.
but um cool. I’ll have to give it a go sometime.

So this time queen was on scavenge mission?

could have been. Yokes this is unknown, probably a bug. that seems pretty fixed now.

The mission that wouldn’t end that eventually had a queen appear wasn’t a scav mission, it was a Haven Base. I have never had a queen on a scav mission.