Alien Language Deciphering?

It has been mentioned often about the alien sound design, that the crabmen have a specific language they they speak. This is cool as hell. Just wondering: is the language easily decipherable / translatable or is it too beyond humanity that it will never be translated properly? I think it would be great if you could research the language in game, and maybe use it to intercept alien transmissions or something and find out plans! If this is not going to be a thing: will a translation still be made for people who like to get into this sort of thing?

We’ll just put it in the Phoenix Point general discussion.

I believe the virus is a singular entity that doesn’t rely on conventional communication means.

That may be so, but “we know” (I think from an UnstableVoltage video) that the crabmen do have their own language.


Pretty sure they are just trying to say hello…


That’s where I remember hearing it from anyway, Julian Gollop mentioned it a couple of times in demos as well I think. I’m just uncertain whether translating it would be an interesting game feature or just an easter egg for a bit of fun