The shift of the aliens,

i’m not sure for the res of you, but i really wanted this game due to the fact that they were going with a more unique approach to the aliens. heck they looked like they came out of H,P love crafts head. i love the crab men, and the body horror elements they had. I though that this was to be the theme of the aliens and some of the models during the fig campaign matched up, we had a horrific mermaid.

i know in early build things change but i’m sorta sad they have shifted from the Cthulhu horror element. the Triton looks like an actual alien from a water planet, not a mutated horror, the siren is all right but still looks to smooth to me. and don’t get me started on the mutog.

i’m still loving forward to this game but i’m sorta sad that they have shifted from what was one of the larger selling points for me. anyone else feels this way?


Lots of people, really. In Discord server there is pretty much a consensus that the monster’s initial designs were much more interesting. My guess is that mixing those body horror concepts with the mutation system simply didn’t work.


That’s exactly what I think. you can have six perfectly designed monsters… but you can’t mutate them. or you will end with I dunno 6*6 detailed model.
to allow mutation to happen you need more generic models do avoid some "interferences "