Localizations in release version

Any clue about the release localizations and its levels? I mean text only text with voices …

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Phoenix Point will be localized into a number of languages at launch. Text, certainly. As for voice, we still do not know the scope of any voice acting within the game (there may not be any).

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But what about Col. Harlson? ;_; And won’t there be voices for soldier grunts, yells, etc.?

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Nothing has been decided yet.

Col. Harlson was something we had recorded exclusively for the February demo. Unit barks are still undecided (though we would like them). It may be that they’re like XCOM where there are different nationality voices that can be used anyway.

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That was “a nice touch” of a XCom reboot and should be kept, if possible. Especially liked Polish and couple of not so worldwide languages. I am sure you could pull Bulgarian (which is in turn close to Macedonian and some South Serbian dialects).

Alien yells are universal. Keep em yelling even if our soldiers are near to silent, but deadly.

It would feel weird to have totally silent soldiers when crabmen speak their own language during combat.

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+1 I agree - options - soldier speak off, while no option to turn alien soldiers.

I think you guys have an opportunity here that big game houses overlook: farm out your sound bites. AAA games (looking at you, WoW) often feel compelled to spend big money hiring b list actors to voice their characters over and over, but you might find that with a voice campaign gamers and their friends from around the world would be happy to read scripts and contribute the sound files, and then you would get to pick from among them. The talent doesn’t have to be perfect to be good or sound real. The UFO-After games used pretty amateur voice talent and came out OK.