Alien Bases -----

I was just reading the update about alien basis. I don’t know whether this is doable or not at this stage of development, but one thing that I thought could be pretty cool in making them standout as being organic and not man made would be if the actual structures of the base moved and shifted during a mission; some corridors opening, others closing, ladder/spines emerging from walls, the bodies of dead solider/creatures being enveloped.


Though adds to atmosphere, sounds like tons of additional work and a bit annoying in terms of gameplay. Maybe just 1, max 2 objects per map could behave like that - this I think would be enough.

Single alien bases as seen in Faxis “Xcom” /Enemy Within was laughable downgrade.Whenever you dont defend area of Earth well and dont invest in new small bases at least with interceptors and radars, aliens build base there.

Dont forget - geoscape map is really the world, not just “some satellite defended areas”

It is a cool idea, like living organism, but given the random nature of maps, I think it would be a real pain to program such a thing. Well, some users have pointed OGXCom as a programming marvel, so who knows what the team can achieve

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considering that buildings are destructible, you already have a framework to make the map dynamically evolve. That said, adding stuff instead of removing the destroyed bit would most likely come with its host of funky bugs and could be a massive time-waster.

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Bugs in that system would be a concern, obviously, with limited time to get everything done. The other big issue I could see is the map turning into a resource hog if too much of that is allowed to happen.

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