Base Impressions

I was wondering what impressions were about how the base screen looked. I don’t get a feel for it actually being a base, like XCom EU or the ship in XCom2. It just seems kinda like a set of pics showing different rooms.

Perhaps it will change in the final version?

Some of the icons and UI will get more polish but this is the way the base is going to be represented. We don’t have the massive budget of Firaxis and we can’t delay the game for many more months to add something in which is 100% cosmetic, as nice as it would be to have.

Thanks for the reply! I understand your point. I’d much rather effort and $$ went into the tactical battles.

UV: Could you show a sample of a base in tactical combat? A base defense or such?

I found some: Base Defence feeback [WITH SUGGESTIONS]

This looks good. I wouldn’t mind that base screen so much knowing this was what I’d end up on. :slight_smile:

Could you adjust the screengrabs to look top-down? That would make it feel more like a base plan.

BB5 looks really exciting UV. Sadly, I’m so busy right now I won’t have time to play it for a few weeks, but I’m really looking forward to trying it and giving some feedback when I have the time.

All the best to the PP team. They’re doing a great job!


Another thing to consider for phoenix point vs FiraXcoms is that the base layout will actually matter, not just strategically speaking (which nuXcom’s did have bonuses and such) but in the tactical maps as well… the layout of your base will reflect the tactical map when it gets attacked so the ant farm approach of the NuXcom’s wouldn’t really work well here and animating a top-down layout wouldn’t look as nice imho. Not to say that it couldn’t be pulled off but as UV has already touched on. There are better things to spend development time on.
Also, considering we’ll see our bases on the tactical map, I feel that’s where they will come to life, being able to defend the layout we set-up will be far more meaningful then the base defense missions of the NuXcom’s!! which is something that always disappointed me about them…

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I do kinda wish there was a way to display little models of the rooms rather than just static pictures, in order to get an idea of where the entrances are and how it would look in battle (where you can find cover, which parts you have to defend, etc), but if budget is a concern I can understand not doing that. Though maybe as a touch-up when eventual DLC is released? :3

If you have a building left, right, whereever you have an entrance on this side! So I don’t get what you mean. You don’t need to see the real room.

I still like it this way, it is the old X-Com style. Yes, of course it would be nice to see Soldiers, Employees whatever in a realtime base simulation but please don’t…

The only thing that looks strange in my opinion is the Power icon, the “thunder” would be abolutly enough, no need for an added “plug-in”.

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Base looks good and I like that rooms are so different that one glance at them is enough to know and remember what they are designed for.

I don’t see this strange at all: please note there is already a thunder icon on power generator so having another thunder could be unnecessarily misleading. This way it looks nice and makes a sense.

EDIT: What I don’t like too much is screen overloaded with big white icons (especially upper right screen). I know this way it may be more readable but I can’t get off the feeling it would be better to have just tabs with descriptions (like at the bottom of the screen).

Those icons are just the pop-out menu to build a new facility when you click in an empty slot.

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You get me wrong, I just mean the plug on the top of the lightning. Power-icon

Ah, ok, then I have no worries :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing this up, UV!

@Ryu, I know you mean the plug in this icon. What I’ve tried to say is that there is already one lightning icon on the power generator (which is an icon indicating that building - look at the screenshot), so second “bare” lightning icon could be misleading. Plus, I personally like this icon : it’s very clear and self-explanatory.

That would require holding in memory all props from base defence mission OR after each click of “Bases” button we would need to wait for base screen to load just as typical defence mission but without generating enemies and spawn points. I think pictures are enough. :slight_smile:

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Well, I didn’t mean the actual models (downscaled) from the base defense missions, I had in mind something more like mini-models. Like, in the original XCOM, you had the full, multileveled rooms that appeared in base defense missions, but you also had the nifty little sprites that showed up when you looked at your base layout, building new rooms, etc. But yeah, I suppose the pics fulfill pretty much the same function…

I think it is fine, though maybe a nicer layout would do a trick (a fancier design of a “board” on which individual rooms are placed).

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Totally understand that. I mean it’s a little disappointing not to see the base in all it’s 3D rendered glory but not exactly a deal breaker.

My only concern is, will there be any way to see how our base would look on the tactical map before we get attacked? It’s one thing having pictures of the rooms and their positions compared to each other but without seeing the actual sizes and room lengths, entrances etc it will feel a bit alien for at least the first defence mission. Might be nice if we could get a preview so we know what we are in for. Possibly too late to add that at this stage though.

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All facilities are of the same size, except Vehicle Bay and Entrance. And they link in the same way, so gates between them are aways the same size no matter what facility we have there.

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