Phoenix Base current flat 2D image thoughts?

Hi, just wondering what peoples view of the phoenix base is?

Are there going to be any future updates when instead of it being just a flat 2D picture it will be made into a nice 3D base similar to XCom as when looking at it you do not feel any connection to it nor really care.

It would be nice to have staff working in these different areas that could breath a little life into the game.

Also not sure why there are blocked off walls that cannot be demolished?

Its a shame as i just installed XCom 2 again and instantly had that rush of enjoyment looking at the base and the story telling etc.

I doubt there will be a major rework of how the base looks. I don’t think the “2d” is a problem, but it all looks a bit placeholder’y. A nicer base layout would go a long way in making it feel nicer.

My bigger problem was how little to do there was. My no.1 hope for PP is to provide a deeper strategic layer. I would express my hope that it is something they hope to expand on, but with 5DLC to produce and console port to manage, I am not sure how much hours are the left for improving the base game.

Given the size of the team I’m not at all surprised by the simple 2D presentation, though I’d love to see it improve in future patches/DLC/expansions.

Honestly I just wish the system was deeper than it currently is, at the moment there’s no real strategy in building bases. You just spam whatever buildings you like, wherever you like in the available space.

Adjacency bonuses, building synergies, upgrades, unique things being available in specific bases. All of these things would make the bases far more interesting.

From a development standpoint: there maybe werent enought resources and effort put in the base design so they had to use a minimalistic design.

From a gamer standpoint: the base design is just terrible. I mean come on many mobile games have better “base” designs than that!

i don’t mind the 2d base building, though i would like some improvements in that