Base defense (Bug or feature)?

I`m facing the situation, that I get a base defense mission every 48 to 50 hours.

This is extremely annoying.

Do you think the same?

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I am nearly at the end of the game and i did not have ONE Base defense…

As I wrote: 1 each 48 hours.

Consider yourself lucky I was getting them every 24 hours. One needs to find the Pandoran base(s) that are launching the attacks and then destroy them. Successfully defending a haven being attacked by Pandorans will reveal the nest/lair/citadel that launched the attack. Most likely this is one of the bases attacking your bases. After one captures a Scylla (if I recall correctly), one gets the tech to scan the geoscape for Pandoran bases.

EDIT: The research that allows bases to be found by scanning is Pandoran Citadel.

I hadn’t that yet, there’s perhaps a trigger, but I don’t see which one.

I think that mcarver2000 has perhaps the good guess. It’s some alien base somewhere that trigger it.

For that, achieve an Haven defense will reveal enemy base source so destroy it asap.

But there will be haven destroyed without you noticed, and perhaps some alien base somewhere even very far. So first do the research to have scan reveal base, then scan again the whole globe starting from around your base. I read that old alien bases can have insane range.

EDIT: If you have the scan allowing reveal enemy base, when an Haven is defeated and you couldn’t or didn’t want defend it, then scan around it until you find the base.

I think the range of the Pandoran bases (at least Citadels), is the total number of waypoints its range will follow to attack. 6-8 hour advance warning tend to have Pandoran bases close by. 12 hour warning they are a bit further away from your base. 16 hour warnings I think are from bases a long way away from your base and can be anywhere as long as its range can chain waypoints.

Looks smart, I didn’t noticed any evidence of it but I never suffered yet of constant attacks of a base, twice only in a full campaign and had 8 bases at end, only once yet in current play, at max one if previous campaigns not finished (about 4).

For ranges, you always have a circle showing it for Haven, Alien bases, planes. Before destroy an Alien base you can check it and see if any PP base is in range. Quote that the range (shown in tooltip) can be so huge that it could be very difficult to see the circle.

I think the range shown for the Pandoran base is the range to the next way point and not the range of reaching a target. If that range is enough to hop to way points along the way to one’s base, they can get there. Even if one’s base is beyond the range of the Pandoran base. During one of my campaigns I was being constantly hit with 12 - 16 hour advance notice. I actively re-scanned (with the proper tech to reveal their bases) areas over and beyond my base. The 12 hour ones were generally in the scanning areas. However, the 16 hour one was continents away.

Doubt it, it’s the same system than for Havens, it’s really their range like is saying the tooltips, check for Haven and you’ll see that none close together will show the same range. Another proof it’s wrong is you should find some Haven no way isolated with range above 10k.

I don’t have enemy bases at hand to check, but I remind ranges could be quite high like more than 15k.

For the circle showing the range, it seems have been removed for Haven, perhaps it isn’t shown anymore for alien bases too, or perhaps it’s a bug I have, or perhaps it was only for alien bases not Haven.

Citadel’s range up 2100km. All I know is that I kept scanning areas close and far away from the 2 bases getting hit back-to-back and I never found a Pandoran base. As I said there was an active one very, very far away.

Can be a lot higher, but from players comments, it’s linked to live duration. That is more for a hidden citadel not yet discovered and that you’ll discover with scanning.

Game seems to hate me. 20 base attacks in about 35 ingame days.

Scanned all the vicinity of my main base, but found no alien hideout.

First campaign I get more than 2 base attacks. In previous campaigns it was max 2.

This time, got 3 in few game days, didn’t recorded:

  • Start base, 9 hours.
  • Another base relatively close, 9 hours.
  • Start base, 15 hours.

If hours are linked to range, 15 hours looks like a lot. After I destroyed a Citadel scanned after a defense not done. Citadel range was tiny, if range is range for attacks, it had no link with the base attack. The point is at a point of the game I lost a bit the tracks of defenses not done, didn’t bother much, usually a base attack another Haven and defense will reveal it.

About having a base attack every few minutes real time, I’m far from that, and clearly if it happens there’s a game problem.

I get base attacks every 12hrs-16hrs. I have finally found some citadels but still am getting pummelled. it is getting very annoying as i cannot complete any missions due to this issue.
have counted base attacks since 17/02 and I have had 11 to note.
I wonder if I should restart the game from scratch as I cannot finish any missions due to constant attacks
Very annoying and cannot enjoy the game because I cannot progress!