Advice for finding new base

Searching for new base cost too much effort and have strong influence on my strategy.
In legendary diffculty, I pass the most of scavenge mission to search for new base to increase my efficency in case of ambush.
We are the phoenix project itself.It seems reasonalbe that we should have more clue or way about new basement other than an objective.

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You got a guarantee base on second synidrian diplomacy quest. Otherwise you will have to scan and explore. There is a hint when you finished the Phoenix project about which part of the continent it’s on.

An unfair tip: Save, then scan all around the continent until you find a base (do not do anything else nor fight), then reload and fly precisely where you found the base.

I find this “cheat” acceptable when unable to find a new base for a disproportionate amount of time.

Didn’t someone mention in a “future updates” post that this will be changed? Going forward the base locations will be known?

There are specific indicators in the game in certain text and findings information that tell you what continents are going to have abandoned Phoenix Project bases which makes it relatively straight forward to direct your search. As the placements are not entirely random after all.

The mission objectives are more just an additional very general reminder that you should be looking for more bases and provide a very loose direction for where you might find the next in case you weren’t paying attention to what was mentioned.

Also there’s been a pretty extensive discussion about the whole “We are the Phoenix Project itself”, and the general consensus in terms of how the game presents everything is that going off of the details of the modern Phoenix Project when it was active all those years back according to the lore and the huge discrepancies between that and the in-game representation, all points to how at the end of the day we aren’t the Phoenix Project, but rather a somewhat random assortment of people that stumbled on the primary Phoenix Point base thanks to a left over fail-safe protocol and we are now trying revive the long sleeping Phoenix Project whilst finding out more about it as we delve deeper.

So we’re not really ‘The Phoenix Project’ but rather the seeds from which the next iteration of the Phoenix will grow from. It’s really the only sensible explanation that really allows for the extensive lore and history established around the game universe to connect with the game in any meaningful way.

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I think that is the idea, though I wish it were communicated better. Opening tutorial left me really confused as to who we actually are.

Get 25% friendly with all three factions. They share their Haven locations and then it’s much easier.

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