Have I seen everything in the game yet? Help pls

Hey all.

So I have a full team, mostly tier1 weapons, and have had base defenses, enemy base missions, and the standard missions to get gear. I have 8 soldiers, and 1 car.

The last 10 or so missions were all the same, with all the same enemies (I never had a boss, only crab dudes, face huggers, and 3 types of trees).

Is that the content currently available, or am I missing something and should keep playing?


Apparently if you let 3 enemy bases close to each other survive, they can combine to form a base that has a queen/boss.

I stopped after exploring the whole map. There were 8ish Phoenix bases on my geoscape.

howd you get 8 soldiers and a car?

by finding other phoenix bases or by buying them.

To buy them, select one of your bases, and hit the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen and pay the needed resources

Only 4 soldiers fit in a manticore with the vehicle. He was just listing his full complement.

I would say that you have seen 95% of content. Unless you want to see the queen or what is all over the globe you can just wait for next Build.