Acquired items teleport home while your ship remains half a world away from the items you just looted

Now this isn’t a bug per say because I did figure out what was going on though it seemed a bit muddy and this seems the best fitting category to post it since a lot of people might think it is a bug. I finished a scavenging mission via killing everything and at the mission it said I got 4 xxx, 4yyy, 2 zzz, etc, great awesome let me go equip those now, oh wait nothing is showing up in storage, wtf, did the end of mission loot bug out? Now I found that all the items got teleported from where I did the scavenge to my main base and so had to return to base to equip any of the items I just picked up.

Wouldn’t it seem less like a bug if the ships have their own storage rather then having it magically teleport half the world away from you when you just finished the mission? Maybe give bases a large storage size and ships a limited storage size, maybe I want to carry two load outs of stuff depending on which enemies are likely to be encountered, I should have to fly half way round the world to go pick back up that second load out, the ship should have some (limited) storage, heck that would require you to go back to a base every few missions just to free up space, seems like a good balance between being prepared and being able to gather more loot, the more prepared you are the less loot you can carry between trips back to base, would be more logical then what seems like a bug the first time you encounter it where you just got ammo that you desperately need but it teleported cross the world.