Base Inventory inconsistency in Backers Build 3

Hi, I’ve been playing quite a lot recently and many times I was surprised of what I find in my base inventory. So I did some research and noted all stuff that goes in and out of that inventory. And looks like quite few things are happening here which can misguide the player or actually allow him to exploit bugs and create a lot of item copies without manufacturing.

  1. first of all loot from scavenge mission is duplicated to that what was in crates (but only items which were left in crates - those taken to backpack don’t become duplicated)
  2. second issue with above loot is that when you take it to soldiers inventory they are still left in base inventory and new copy is created in soldier’s inventory (I didn’t test how many copies I can create, and loot which came in soldiers’ inventory don’t fall into this issue)
  3. when you move items between single soldier and base inventory they move naturally to the spaces that you click, but they seem to have predefined order in which they first appeared in base inventory, and when you perform below action it get messy:
    a) you move some loot from base to soldier (from scavenge mission - items which were there from the start of ‘campaign’ or those which came in soldiers’ inventory doesn’t count)
    b) you move it back to the bottom of base inventory
    c) you exit inventory or switch between soldiers
    d) you enter inventory or just try to equip another soldier and then whole inventory is again sorted by order from before point a) so you don’t have items from point b) at the bottom of inventory and you need to search them again
  4. what more! after doing some missions it appeared that copies from point 2) stopped creating itself and items were moved correctly from base inventory to the soldier, BUT after saving, exiting the game and loading it on next day, items which should dissapear from base inventory (they were in soldiers’ inventories) appeared again in base inventory, so it looks like the game remembered base inventory state from before my last quick save (this is why there are two save game files?)
  5. items stacking, which was announced, sorting and filtering would be really, REALLY welcome

PS. It is just about item sorting and creating a copies. There are of course other bugs in base inventory which I have mentioned in other thread.