Scavenge mission loot

Hey guys. Probably not many of you will read my bug/idea thread because of “TL DR” :wink: So here is a tip for having more items after scavenge mission (maybe it is a bug or maybe a feature). Don’t pick anything from crates. You will find those items doubled in your base inventory after the mission. This may be some kind of reward for scavenge mission completion while not using / picking up any of the items.

Now question arise… can we use this to manufacture items for free? Take your soldiers with backpacks full of items and put them in the boxes during scavenge mission. After the mission you will find all items with additional copy in the base? :wink: EDIT_2 No, we can’t gain anything in this way, in fact we will loose anything that we will try to drop in crate.

EDIT: What more. When you have those “doubled items” and you equip them to your soldiers, game create another copies of these items.
So let say that on the mission there were 12 items to pickup. Without touching anything and winning the map I have received 24 items in base inventory. I have equipped 6 of them and after exiting and returning to roster load out now it looks like I have got 30 items, because all 24 items are still in base inventory and 6 new are in soldiers inventory. That is crazy.

Wait! What? Really? I said in a previous post I go to scavenging sites not opening a single crate, because taking care of troops, weapons and ammunition before battle is more than enough, and usually I’m busy getting crab sushi for dinner… BUT never thought of some kind of reward for that, and it doesn’t make much sense for me, so I would take it as a bug.

That said, Julian has confirmed that starting in BB4, crates will be a new target for the aliens, so many strategies regarding scavenge missions will go out the window.

I honestly hope crates won’t be a staple in every mission though. Doesn’t make sense to have weapons and ammo lying at every corner!