Absolutely loving it

As a hardcore fan of of XCOM:ufo defence and TFTD, I just cant wait to se where this is going but from what ive seen so far in BB3 im going to waste waaay to much time behind my screen… I can allready hear the misses complaint about dirty dishes, unfolded clothes and lack of attention.
Back in ´94 TFTD quickly bacame my game of choice, I spend an unhealthy amount of hours playing that gem. I remember naming the bases after cigarette brands and put maticular detail into developing my soldiers (inevitably they were all going to be badass, but hey) and i could spend all waking hours shooting down ALL UFO´s. Needless to say that game is a gem and i got at feeling this one is heading in that direction.

Keep up the good work, i have a good feeling about this.


I feel the same. :wink:


Yeah, it’s just a rough type of pre-alpha with 90% missing functionality, but it’s frigging brilliant