Enjoying the Game: Comments After 20+ Days

Phoenix Point

Having spent the last 20 days playing this game (Legend)(yes, addicted), all day long, every day, I thought I’d offer some comments about what I’ve found so enjoyable with the game. There are enough doom and gloom posts out there everywhere to cover those points of view.

  1. Geoscape:
    -aim for the Mist areas, not a gradual, total expansion around the World
    -(Wish: That I could see what areas I’ve scanned. Maybe the brownish colour of the World turns a green shade? I’d really like to be able to know where I’ve scanned when I can look for Pandoran bases.)
    -so many different types of sites…ty to the writing team! (Am actually disappointed when a site turns up nothing!)

  2. Tactical Missions
    -I started playing XCom style and died. Cover isn’t! Well, it can be, but if your derriere sticks out a bit… How many of you have pinged off a Triton because it’s flipper/tentacle/whateverthosethingsare was sticking out? The ballistic model is fantastic.
    -But my assault rifle does NO damage! That was frustrating at first, playing XCom style. And when the Crabs and Tritons come covering in scale armour, it really becomes frustrating. But I learned to deal with it. The game gives you lots of devices to cut through the armour, and they offer so many different approaches, I’m amazed at the depth of the design of all those parts. Stay back and sniper rifle them, or grenade them, or cannon them, or berserker armour break them (current favourite w an assault rifle followed by everyone else w assault rifles), or… it seems like the possibilities are endless. TY to the weapons/armour design team/
    -I like that PP doesn’t get massively better and that the Crabs and Tritons do. I’m given many tools to deal w it. It’s a nice change to not slowly turn into supermen. I get more variety to my weapons, but not much in the way of improved punch. I’ve played the game all the way through w that assault rifle (laser version current favourite) doing 30 damage. I like the challenge of getting past that insane Crab/Triton armour.

  3. Tactical Maps
    -They are small (they seem). But I’ve enjoyed every battle on them, even those Anu slums! (Curses and ty to whoever designed them!!!) I’d actually NOT want to see them much bigger. More variety, yes. Maybe some wilderness ones, with lots of elevation changes and growth. The only one that was disappointing was the Citadel. Just open and just-shoot-the-big-baddie-and-win. Lairs, I love the idea of how you have to move and fight, but the first time I had no clue I could blow a path. A hint or such somehow would have helped. But I like the close fighting, like that Anu slum.

  4. Difficulty
    -When the Crabs and Tritons start coming in droves and w all that armour, you feel overwhelmed, but you have the stuff to deal w it. Actually, playing on Legend, I’ve felt like the game is NOT challenging enough. I don’t want tougher Pandorans, they are tough enough. I don’t want MORE Pandorans, sometimes that is overwhelming. I didn’t like the simple your-recruit-gets-nothing solution to make it harder. Maybe if health paks worked a bit differently? I never go back to base to heal health, just for stamina once in a while. Maybe reduce accuracy big time? I don’t want my guy to die, but if he was out of action more or less, than would be something I have to deal w then during the mission. Right now, heavy down to 1 HP? No problem, Winston! Zap a couple health paks and away he goes.
    -Once I knew how to focus on the Mist areas (no Mist = no threat), I got much better at the game. I didn’t build training centres at first since my team was rarely at the base. Fabrication times were critical.
    -a team COULD survive combat w almost no armour! I sent my 2nd team out as long as they had rifles and one or two of them were armoured…made for interesting challenges.

  5. Lore
    -makes the game SO interesting…not just go here and zap aliens each time. TY to the writing team! (I was impressed w the Doris Lessing mention!)

  6. The Factions
    -love the different approaches they offer
    -didn’t like that they fought each other. Reminded me of Deadfire. Why do I have to fight other people? Let me fight the evil that is Saron, but let me leave the people of NJ alone. But that’s a story choice, I understand. But fighting them always was less enjoyable than fighting the Pandorans.

Well, that’s a start, anyway. I may add to this. Comments welcome. I just wanted the team to know that people are enjoying this game. It’s easy to focus on a bug or this or that, but overall, the team has done an incredible design job. TY!



When you hover over the “area scan” button the zones show in green.

Let’s agree to disagree :wink:. From my point of view, they are supermen very quickly.

You really like suffering … and med-packs. I wonder how you remove their armor to actually do damage. You have an extensive use of grenades ?
(or infiltrators to double their damage and make AR great again)

I think it actually makes it easier since you get the recruits for cheap (only food) and don’t necessarily need to buy them any weapons or armor (since they can teleport from your main team at any given time).

Other than that, I agree.

You must be playing a different game then :wink:

It’s just that the powers don’t come from research but from perks.

Gee master the game in 20 days, it makes video games price very expensive.

I never played Legendary but I shared almost all points with a good focus on both positive and negative.

But nothing on my two biggest problems with the game, auto scaling that can go wild, too many UI problems from weird designs and bugs but I don’t mean everything is bad in UI, there are great points too.