Game Impression from a TBS fan

Impressions so far.

I like the tactical game mechanics. Really enjoy the bullet trajectory and targeting of specific body parts. This is a plus and feels pretty new.

To improve (hopefully in DLC or patches) I would love to have some chatter (perhaps radio requests and commands) that give hints or tips, describes the threat or even changes in objective etc. This is something that adds to the immersion but gives opportunities to help lower the learning curve. It took me forever to figure out that I can land multiple drop ships and pick from them a squad to deploy.

The strategy layer does not seem complete. I’m not a fan of how base management is done this game. To me, I like the balance of strategy, management and tactical that makes you feel like your running an organization. The buildings need interesting and useful upgrades and I would prefer a top-down or side-view 3D of a living breathing base with staff walking around, doing things perhaps based on choices and growth with meaningful upgrades, and staff such as scientists, engineers etc. The base seems very empty and just a side thought.

The vehicles and aircraft can use some improvements. Even the original X-COMs had more interesting things such as upgrades to attach to the ships etc. with a visual presentation that seemed more like tinkering designing your favorite aircraft. I feel this is an area all the new games miss. The idea of researching improvesments and working towards meaningful upgrades are fun.

I would love to see something new but similar all the same to the new XCOM’s and Xenonauts.

The UI: not a fan of the UI, could be improved. I like what Xenonauts is doing, but for 3D enjoy XCOM2.

Many missions feel repetitive even though the maps slightly change. There is not a lot of variation